Mercury Retrograde in Cancer – June 2020

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Mercury Retrograde is here and I come bearing my personal perspective on it. If you still do not know what it is and how it affects us, you can see the article I left a while back on the blog by clicking here.

Now, today, Mercury will station retrograde in the sign of Cancer. It will be retrograde until July 12th, and the post-shadow willbe present until August 12.

Cancer is a water sign, so we understand that it may be a more emotional and mushy process. Like all cosmic energy, this not only transit that will be affecting the individual and collective energy available to us. On the 21st we will have a solar eclipse/ new moon and on the 20th the solstice, so there is a lot going on at the same time. However, on this article I’ll just be discussing the retrograde.

Cancer is associated to the past, home, family, our emotional base, the mother. If we take the energetic influence of Mercury Retrograde + the sign of Cancer and what it rules, we can find that this time we will possibly find ourselves re-evaluating emotional issues that have to do with our (physical) home, our sense of home (within ourselves), with our family, either the dynamic or how we feel within it. As always, this transit is about reevaluating, reflecting, revisiting in order to identify some possible things that we still have to work on in our lives. It gives us the cheat sheet we need to continue growing and applying the lessons we are learning to build a stronger and more harmonious future.

For some, this may mean that a little tension, communication problems, or hypersensitivity act as triggers that require more patience, empathy, and understanding. At this time we have to remember that we are all going through our own processes and we must bear in mind that it is better to act and not react from impulse, but act from understanding, without neglecting to observe the lessons that emotions bring us, whatever they may be. that we are feeling. For some, it may be difficult not to take things so personal, since for Cancer energy, everything can feel personal.

If we have had tension or problems in the home or family area, we can use this time to internalize and find different ways to resolve, if there is something that has not been working within the dynamics, it may become a little more evident at the moment, but due to the same Cancer influence, we may feel more open to communicate with the heart and not so much with logic.

Another thing that we may be re-evaluating or restructuring is the way we see ourselves, how we create a sense of home within, what we need to feel safe in the world, how to recognize and inhabit ourselves from the inside to be more comfortable in the external home. This is part of a deep and highly empowering process for anyone who makes the decision to do it consciously. The way our inner or outer home has to change will be made more evident, the pink elephant in the room will take enough space so you may no longer avoid it. Time to face the music and dance to it. Dance with the Devil, some may say.

Keep in mind that most of our breakdowns become breakthroughs and now, we face the inevitability of change.

Thinking of old memories, revisiting the past or even feeling nostalgic can be more common now, as well as seeing why certain people or topics ñush our buttons or hit a nerve.

If we ignore unresolved things, they will remain unresolved and will have power over our subconscious and our lives. That is why it is better to hold space for the emotions that present themselves to us at this time, since many answers come with them, as well as the potential to heal many things within us.

Our physical home has become very important, a key piece in our lives for the past couple of months, so let’s take some time to really tune into what we need/want our home to be. If there’s something that needs a little sprucing up, go for it! maybe a little DIY project to change your home’s energy or just to make it a space where you feel calm and grounded in. Nesting is a thing, and we might be feeling it, so flow with it!

Let’s listen to ourselves at this moment, let’s listen to what our heart tells us, our body. If it is necessary to withdraw a little to avoid blowing something out of proportion or it is for your best benefit, do it. It is also healthy to set boundaries (ourselves or others) that help us integrate changes and emotions gradually or in ways that we can better manage. But always being very aware and honest about what is happening here and now in us and around us.



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