Mercury Retrograde – Feb 16th to March 9th

And here we are, starting the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020!

To start off, if you’re not too familiar with what Mercury Retrograde is, I left that on another article and you can read it here.

I know there’s a lot of hype that has risen up in the past years about this particular transit and yes, I know it can be difficult. The first sign that tips me off when entering the shadow period is when all my electronics start to go haywire. It happens every single time for me. But, aside from that, I feel every single one is different and every one brings so many helpful lessons.

Personally, I don’t agree with the belief that it’s something that gets in our way or that the energies bring us down, but rather, its energies help us get OUT of our way. Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year for 2 to 3 weeks (not counting pre and post-shadow), so why would we spend that much time in our life feeling bummed out and seeing only things that may go wrong? That’s quite a bit of time.

Mercury’s Retrograde pre-shadow has been present since the beginning of February but it actually goes retrograde on the 16th of February ](dates may vary according to your time zone) in the sign of Pisces, it re-enters Aquarius on March 4th and goes direct on March 9th. However the post shadow will accompany us until march 29th.

Now, every single one of us experiences the energies of any Mercury Retrograde in different ways because of our unique placements in our natal chart. However there is a collective current we will all be affected by and tapping into. There are other aspects and transits that play with this particular one, but I won’t be going into detail into each one. Instead, I’ll just share an energetic overview of what we may expect. But before I do, I wanted to share about the energies that were present this past week due to several astrological and energetic transits, that I feel were preparing us for what’s to come with Mercury Retrograde.

Last week, a lot of the transits that were present were really triggering. Like, I mean TRIGGERING. These transits were not only powerful on their own, but we had already entered in the retrograde’s pre-shadow and we were already getting a glimpse of what will be stirred up. I myself was very much triggered in ways I hadn’t experienced in a while. I even completely lost my zen there on some of those days. Not something I’m proud of but definitely grateful for because it showed me what I still need to work on. There was a lot of emphasis on self-worth, self-esteem, personal insecurities or repressed emotions. This might have had some of us feeling uncertain, confused and maybe even angry or frustrated with ourselves. A lot of clues reside in those emotions. Now, on to the current energies.

The first clue we have regarding what this could possibly bring in is the sign this transit is happening in. Pisces is a water sign, so we know it’s going to be emotion related for many. As with every retrograde, it brings light to unresolved issues from the past, and definitely brings things up that need a second look. It’s not uncommon to have people from the past resurface too, this usually is because something was left unresolved and not necessarily in that relationship… but a life/soul/karmic lesson that is still pending. This also goes for old wounds, patterns and traumas that might be coming up. This, as uncomfortable as it may be is NECESSARY for our own growth. It’s how we learn to deal with our pain, acknowledge and heal it.

What the Pisces energy can also bring in, on the shadow side is being prone to escapism, trying to tune out of our reality so we don’t have to really deal with anything. This can go from shying away from ANYTHING that makes us uncomfortable, substance abuse, or focusing too much on external factors to avoid doing inner work and listening to ourselves.

If we use this Retrograde to our benefit, we can dive into the deep waters of our emotions, to really hear and feel ourselves from within. If there’s anything we’ve been kidding ourselves with, denying or resisting, most likely, it will be triggered and pulled up, Yes, there might be some confusion or anxiety because of all that’s surfacing but, if we calm the mind, allow ourselves to see clearly and really touch base with our inner guidance, we will find the answers we’re seeking, the clarity we need, the inspiration we were missing for a project, relationship, idea, etc. Dream realms might become quite active at this time, especially as we get closer to the new moon in Pisces, carrying messages both from the subconscious mind and higher planes or dimensions, so be aware of this, they can hold the answers in finding ways to resolve what needs to be resolved at this time. Journal if you can to help you remember more details or record it as soon as you wake up.

Become an observer before you react. It may be foggy on the outside for a bit, but your inner compass knows the way and this is also a lesson in being present, and letting go of the control we think we should have over everything, the how, the when, etc. Accepting and learning from our own reactions when things don’t exactly go our way.

On March 4th, Mercury re-enters Aquarius and this subtle shift will tap into reviewing how we can innovate, do things differently. We might be reevaluating what perspectives need a fresh look. After seeing what we need to work on, the energy supports us in finding new ways to go about it. There will be some “a-ha” moments that will bring much needed clarity and direction. It also means we will be connecting how we relate to others, how we can contribute to our community, how we express ourselves, how we react to triggers, what we are building as a collective and how we have an impact on that from an individual level. Identifying how we can step outside of the box, whether we put ourselves there or we were programmed to do so. This transit, along with others at that time, may revolutionize what has value to us, we may become very clear on what it is we want, what we desire, how we want to relate to others, how we want to move ahead.

Since this transit can possibly catch us offguard with communication, travel or technology, it’s only reasonable to be extra careful, detail oriented, double check what needs to be double checked in order to minimize any possible setbacks or delays. If you’re traveling on those dates, by all means have fun! Just make sure you have everything in order, plan schedules ahead, leaving enough wiggle room to make appointments or meetings on time.

Communication can always be a sensitive subject too. For me, this is a personal practice I live by, even more so, when some transits are around… When communicating, avoid reacting. Really think about what you’re going to say, how you want to say it and even if it’s really necessary or not. If you’re being misunderstood, have a little patience and explain yourself if needed. Remember, we’re all being influenced by the energies surrounding us but how we decide to act, is our choice.

I’ll leave this spread here for those of you who wish to dive deep into the piscean, intuitive, dreamy energy!


I’m also offering personal tarot & oracle guidance for this Mercury Retrograde. If you want to get a reading to understand and navigate these energies, click here.

If you’re feeling triggered, anxious, frustrated, angry or confused… breathe and breathe again. Know that these emotions are not permanent. They are our teachers, observe them, find the lesson and let them pass.

Any Mercury Retrograde can become empowering and helpful, if we allow it to be. It is not something to be feared or dreaded in any way. We must push past our own uncomfort and step into brighter thresholds in which we will thrive even more!

Take care and tune in. Much love,



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