Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury’s last Retrograde of the year has been slowly affecting everyone since the Pre-shadow started, around November 15th. However, you will really start to feel the effects of this transit when the Retrograde period begins on December 3rd and it will be going direct until December 22nd. Of course, keep in mind that the Post-shadow will be gone after January 10th. This Retrograde will fall in Sagittarius.

Talk about some shifts to close 2017 and start 2018 with!

Mercury rules communication. This affects literally ANYTHING that has to do with communication. Even when you think you have an idea of what MAY be affected by this, try to think of what part of your daily life includes some sort of communication. Documents, legal issues, technology, emails, computers, phones, agreements, discussions, travel, commerce, business, expressing yourself, how you receive information, postal services and so forth. When you realize just how much communication DIRECTLY affects our daily lives, then you begin to realize the magnitude of this transit and its effects. But don’t panic! It’s not something to be terrified of, just a matter of knowing how to sail through it in the best way possible.

With any Retrograde, it’s a time to go within for answers, as any external communication may be skewed or misinterpreted. It’s about unearthing truth, veils, lies, blockages and challenges that you may have not noticed or dealt with. All of this comes out to the surface to be handled and worked on. Yes, it’s hard sometimes, your patience may run out, circumstances might become even more overwhelming at this time but remember to breathe and know that it is a phase that will help you in the long run.

This is never an ideal time to get back together with an ex, make important decisions, start new projects, businesses or ideas as your feelings and thoughts may be different once the Retrograde is over. This is a time to be really observant, use your discernment, patience, kindness and understanding. It’s a phase where everything must be looked at objectively and in an analytical way, in order to not fall out of balance or let yourself become unhinged from all of what’s coming up to the surface. Be careful of letting your thoughts or emotions be too dark so they don’t spiral down into anxiety, depression or rage. Listen carefully and think twice before speaking at this time.

This is a time where you will come face to face with certain issues or emotions that have been dwelling within. Maybe there’s a problem that hasn’t been dealt with and with this energy, you will feel it more intensely, perhaps there are certain truths that have been wanting to come out but were being ignored or hidden, they too will rise up and come into the light, so you deal with it and move past it. It’s a time to review and think of ways to resolve, even if you don’t act immediately.

This Retrograde will be in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules optimism, expansion, exploration as well as its association to positive thinking, idealism, religion and philosophy. All of these will come into play as this Retrograde stations in this sign. A word of advice here because of the nature of this transit: BALANCE. With the Sagittarius nature being so vibrant and optimistic, you have to be very careful not to tip the scale to one extreme or the other when combined with the Retrograde. Too much positivity can lead to fantasy, confusion and living in a different reality, whereas lack of positivity can lead to too much negative thinking and vibrations. Try to stay as grounded as you can and mind your emotions. Stay Tempered. Sagittarius energy can also be very blunt, this is why I cannot stress enough on thinking before speaking. You may not have any hurtful intentions by what you say, but you may end up hurting others or yourself if words are thrown out of you in a careless manner. Stay flexible and try to flow without resistance or aggressiveness.

With this potential polarized energy, really check with yourself where you’re expanding. Maybe you’re expanding too much into some areas and not enough on others. Perhaps you are feeling so hopeful about one circumstance and completely hopeless in others. Try to bring that into focus and balance it out. Are there some things you have been running from? maybe others that you know you should have avoided but charged ahead anyway? Be mindful of this duality so it doesn’t pull you too much to one side over another. This Retrograde might even affect you in a more personal way; your belief system, your own structures and ideas for yourself and the world. Perhaps it’s your time to tear everything down and build something totally new to start the New Year with.

On December 3rd we have both the Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury going retrograde, so the energy might be a bit intense, filled with emotional release and epiphanies that will allow to close circles and tie up loose ends before the New Year begins.

Messages are still trying to reach you through this time, but will not become so clear until this transit is over. If you have a journal, you can use divination tools, cards, meditation or anything that aids in your journey and write down what you feel is important; your thoughts, emotions, certain situations and come back to it after Mercury goes direct. Ask yourself what has changed or what you feel afterwards. If there’s an action needed, this would be the time to do it, not during the Retrograde.

Use this time as an introspective and observational time that can empower, give you strength and courage. And most importantly, don’t program yourself into feeling that since this transit can be hard sometimes, that it HAS to be hard. There’s always ways to lessen the impact it has on your life but it does need some work and attention.

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  3. Elva Tarot December 10, 2017 at 9:40 am

    THank you for your insights. Still feeling the effects of the full moon now! Everything has been crazy for the last few days. This post is very accurate- things are pretty intense at the moment.

    1. Moon Siren December 10, 2017 at 6:52 am

      I’m so happy this resonated with you too. I feel it’s been the Mercury Retrograde that’s affected me the most, honestly. But there is growth within the whole process.


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