Mercury Retrograde – August 2017

It’s only two days in after Mercury went retrograde and I personally am feeling it as I’ve never felt it before. Already had one minor and one MAJOR breakdown. So many feelings, so much going on around and yet here we are.

Mercury’s retrograde motion started on August 12th and will be going direct on September 5th. Keep in mind that you can still feel the “shadow period” of this, two weeks before and two weeks after the actual transit. The energy is not as strong as when it’s actually in retrograde, but it can still be felt. No transits “just happen”, they ease in, just like moon phases and all other astrological transits. They progress steadily.

Now, how exactly does this affect us? Mercury rules communication. This affects literally ANYTHING that has to do with communication. It might seem obvious or logical, but sometimes we overlook certain things that we might not know are being affected. Documents, legal issues, technology, agreements, discussions, travel, commerce, postal services and so forth. When you realize just how much communication DIRECTLY affects our daily lives, then you begin to realize the magnitude of this.

So, what’s the advice for trying to surf a retrograde wave? First of all, make no sudden moves and don’t start new projects (it’s ok to renew old ones or attend to the ones you already have). Making important decisions at this time might be tricky, since the energy is so changeable and unstable. You might decide to go forth with a contract, only to change your mind on it a bit later. Secondly, be patient. Missed calls or texts, arguments with people, technology breaking down on you, plans cancelled or delayed, do tend to test our patience and how we react to things. Take this time to be extra mindful of how you react and try to keep yourself in check. Breathe.

Also of importance is the astrological signs where this transit is taking place. The retrograde starts in Virgo, which can be an extremely analytical and a little anxious sign, and it ends in firey, expressive Leo, talk about some fussy feelings being altered here. If the retrograde falls in your sign, you may be feeling this energy a little more intensely than most people.

One of the things I personally recommend is to keep a journal. I’m very fond of journals because of the insight they may provide us with. Whenever you feel affected by during this transit; lose your patience, have a little misshap or an argument (or a few breakdowns in my case), write it down. Write down what you felt, what happened, what you think triggered you, what went wrong and leave it be for now. Release and breathe.

After September 5th, when the Post-Shadow flows in on September 6th (until September 19th), you can look back on what you wrote. This is a good time to check back on those writtings and get to know yourself a little better. What needs more attention? What could you have done to lessen the blow? Is there something deeper that needs healing or fixing? What exactly made you lose your temper?

Don’t push yourself on this, let the answers flow to you. No rushing or pressure of any kind is good energy at this time.

Overall advice for this Mercury retrograde in August:

  • Think before you speak.
  • Don’t start new projects or make any important decisions.
  • Meditate. Breathe and ground yourself.
  • Take the edge off by pampering yourself a little or doing some yoga (or any exercise that makes you blow off steam).
  • Be mindful of other people’s feelings.
  • Be patient (with yourself as well as others).
  • Back up any important data or information, just to make sure.
  • Observe your reactions and learn from them.
  • Practice gratitude and forgiveness.

We’ll make it through!





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