May – Reading of the Month

Phew! This month is looking like we will all have a lot of work to do both internal and external. 

With so many things happening; the beginning of eclipse season, Mercury already being in pre-shadow, Pluto in retrograde, our daily life challenges and some unforeseen curve balls we may get, it all sounds a bit intense, doesn’t it?

Well, I definitely sense the presence of Mercury Rx in the drawing for this month as you well know, communication can get a bit dodgy with this transit. It’s no wonder to me why the cards are reminding us to make sure to think things through and to not be so hasty in our actions or words. 

There’s new ideas and circumstances showing up during this month, but we may feel like they’re not evolving as fast as we’d like them to. Don’t take this as a deterrent and have it beat you down or make you give up, just understand that even if not ideal to you: slow progress is still progress. 

Awareness will be most certainly necessary this month, to make sure you stay in touch with what’s real, try to be as objective as you can. There may be times when you can see things quite clearly and may have to speak up, call it out. Make sure you choose your words carefully and know if your opinion comes from discernment or impulse. Acting on impulse will bring consequences that you may have to face deal with later on.

It will be a time when you have to keep yourself in check too! To be aware of why you’re going after certain things and the intention behind it. Know that there are always obstacles to be faced and try to not get discouraged from the start with the first obstacle you face. You can still make progress!

Watch your words, I cannot express the importance of this enough, since a lot of misunderstandings when working with others, a lot of times, come from saying the wrong thing or saying it the wrong way. 

For your own sake, don’t try to control every little thing. There’s going to be a lot out of your control and you can use this time to practice trust and surrender to the unknown while doing your best within what you can actually control.

A definite call to think things through before taking action since the energy will keep us in check. Being accountable, knowing that every action has a reaction and being responsible is a strong theme when this energy is around. Whether it’s you who gets to call BS or your BS being called, there is certainly an air of equality and fairness in May. Know that every choice you make this month will bring about consequences, wanted or unwanted. So, look before you leap and remember that your actions also have an impact on others!

If there’s something the Knave of Swords can help us with is speaking up and clear thinking. While the outside world can be chaotic and unsettled, we can try to stay focused and sharp mentally. That way our choices and actions don’t come from impulse, but from a thought out process, discernment and wisdom. This energy supports new beginnings and fresh ideas that can be developed over time; it’s a passionate and enthusiastic energy. Expression of the self is very present with this energy too, so make sure you speak up when necessary. Your voice is important.

When we’ve been going through dense and stressful times, it’s common to feel a bit beat up, exhausted or even entering “What’s the point” mode and doing things just to do them, with no effort or passion behind them. This card is a reminder to check in with yourself and see if you’re actually doing everything that you can, or if you’re truly giving it your all or if apathy is settling in. Also, be aware of any collaborations you may have at this point; evaluate if this particular project is better carried out as a team or as a solo endeavor, since it might be a bit harder than usual to come together for a common purpose at this time. 

A lot of things will feel out of our control this month and that may cause you to become overbearing, controlling and want to micro-manage everything to get the expected results. Brute force will never get us exactly what we need without causing a lot of damage on the way. This is a reminder to no go on steam roller mode and just force your way through circumstances, like a dictator. It’s a call to balance your heart along with your mind in equal ways. Not everything has to be 100% logical or practical, not everyone will do as you say, not everyone will agree with you. Find what works for you and allows you to feel powerful but doesn’t turn that power into dominance. 

I hope it’s a very transformative month for you.

With love, 

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