May 2020 – Monthly Reading

This month’s energy is bright and bold, filled with infinite possibilities that come from within. Inner expansion.

This month’s reading really is speaking to the inner forces that have the power to thrust us into a higher state of being and living. We’re still in the middle of uncertainty and some chaos, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean we must turn into chaos as well.

These cards can be put together as the overall energy for the month or they can be taken individually to represent each week, take what resonates and discard the rest. Your soul will receive the message it needs.

First up we have the Queen of Wands bringing passion. So, the first message that comes through is that we’re possibly being faced with circumstances that remind us where our passion lies, what we are passionate about, what makes us feel absolutely present and fulfilled. If you haven’t yet reconnected with your passions, this month you might be doing just that. Especially now that our lives have been disrupted and we now have the chance to completely change direction if we feel the need to. Don’t be afraid to include more things that set your soul on fire. Maybe you don’t feel like completely pulling a 180° change, but you can surely integrate more of what you love to do, each day, once a week or whenever you can. The reminder here is to not lose sight of it again.

Second, we have the Page of Cups taking us down to the depths of our imagination. What will you discover there? Is it a limitless place filled with possibility and adventures or are there locks on certain doors? Take a good look around. Don’t be afraid to discover even the most wild and unbelievable possibilities. For the creative mind, there is no end, no form, no time, no limits besides the one we choose to put on it. If you find yourself visualizing or daydreaming about something, write it down, sketch it, record it, whatever you can to keep track of it. Don’t be afraid to follow the yellow brick road because it may lead you to discover something you may not even have imagined at all! Don’t be afraid to go to new depths, see what they make you feel, what you discover there has valuable lessons for you at this time.

If you’re currently working on one or more projects, let your imagination take you places you might not have gone before, to freshen your perspective and possibly gift you with new strategies or ideas that you can implement later on.

The third card that came up for May is the Page of Wands gifting us with some creative juices for all those wonderful things our mind can come up with! Explore different ways of doing things, experiment, don’t be afraid to “fail”, see what works and what doesn’t… adapt from it. Know that there isn’t just one way of doing anything, a lot of different paths can take you to where you want to go or to what you want your end result to be. How to connect with this energy in the best way really comes down to listening to one’s self because not the same things spark creativity for everyone. Find what works for you and go with it.

The last card that came up was the Five of Pentacles in reverse. This is an energy that will be available for us all, in support of leaving heavier feelings or energies behind. We may slowly find things that make up hopeful instead of hopeless, things that motivate instead of bring down, things that spark joy instead of fear. It’s a great energy to channel to be able to look around and really notice the blessings that we do have around even if we’re not where we thought we would be at this point in time or in life. It’s recognizing that we can change how we feel about our life by changing how we view it. Difficulties may still be there but with the support of the previous energies, we may find other solutions or ways to go about handling any possible obstacles or hardships.

Overall, this is a powerful month for our inner world. A lot of astrological transits this month are making the playing field quite interesting but with a beautiful almost orchestral song that keeps the theme of change, transformation, and rebirth.

Neptune (January), Uranus (January) and Pluto (April) have already gone retrograde by now, and Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will follow in the month of May. A lot of reevaluating and reflecting on relationships, values, personal freedom, beliefs, lifestyle choices, long term goals and intense transformation in several areas of our lives. Yes, that seems like quite a lot, but we can use this collective pause to REALLY connect and listen to the deepest parts of ourselves where we find the answers. One positive aspect of our outer lives being slowed down is this: We get a chance to listen closely and sincerely. We get to really be serious and think/feel about what we want, what will we be once we head out into the world, how will we relate to others, how have we changed in just weeks, if we still hold the same values or if they’ve changed.

A lot is happening, but we can do this, there are always energies supporting and helping us through this. We are not alone (this will also take on a whole different meaning soon too!).

This month is about connecting and reigniting with that inner fire so we may have a light to guide us once we are ready to emerge from this cocoon.

Here is a spread you can use as guidance for this month. I hope it brings the messages your soul needs to shine on.



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