March 2020 Reading

A new calendar month is beginning!

Let’s get right to it. As always I drew 4 cards to connect to the energies that will be present for this upcoming month. They can be read individually, one for each week and as an overall theme for the month. Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a collective energy reading and energy is by far linear. It’s mutable, ever-changing and will affect everyone in different ways and in various areas.

This month is starting with a big bang of creation energy. By this time, the Mercury Retrograde transit is almost ending and on March 4th, it re-enters Aquarius, shifting the energy on what themes this transit has had our focus on. Clarity ahead. Fogginess is lifting. 3 out of the 4 cards that were drawn are major arcana cards, so this to me, means that this is an important time, that can leave a mark. Also, we begin the month during Pisces season, then welcome the astrological new year with Aries season, bringing the fire that’s going to set a lot of things in motion.

The first card that popped up was the Medicine Woman (The Magician in traditional tarot decks). I always, always love seeing this energy come through. It’s such a vibrant and hopeful one to have present. It not only signifies BIG potential for manifestation but it reaffirms that we already have everything we need to manifest our dreams. Realizing that we are already whole and powerful is one of the very first steps in shifting into this reality. What we choose to focus on directly affects what we bring into this world, to our experience, to our hearts. An energy that brings in infinite possibilities and wonderful new beginnings, if we dare to venture. This energy is not necessarily a prompt to act immediately, but merely to recognize the limitless potential that we have available, to really start to connect with our source of power, our courage, our faith. Look back and see how far you’ve come, all the wonderful things that have manifested in your life up to this point, trust and KNOW that more are on the way. Synchronicities may still be at a high point at this time so make sure you are listening intently to what the Universe is trying to tell you. Envision, dream, plan and get ready to execute!

Next, we have the Six of Air card (Six of swords) and the message I strongly get from this, is the clarity that may be coming to us thanks to the transits that helped us go within, reflect and adjust. Clarity does not just come from doing nothing, it comes from asking the right questions, from being open to honest and truthful answers. If I were to associate words with this card’s energy, it’s the calm after the storm passes. And yes, last month’s transits may have felt like somewhat stormy weather in the depths of Pisces energy. But, now things are starting to wind down, and with this, we can start to see, hear and feel ourselves in a much clearer way (Hello Mercury in Aquarius), not in such an abstract way. We are starting to slowly move forward, with new perspectives, possibly new destinations or perhaps old destinations that we wish to revisit. Some may be moving forward slower than others, but that’s just how everyone’s personal process is. Some might shift gears and want to go full throttle while others might just take their time to warm up the engine.

Later on, we have the Spirit Guide card (Judgement) in the reading. At this point, on the 3rd week of March, I feel we gain even more clarity. All the lessons from this past astrological year might be making so much sense, a lot of “a-ha” moments where we clearly can identify what’s going on. When we see the path or paths that lay before us and we have a better idea of where to go and how to go about creating what we want and maintaining that Magician energy. With this energy, not only do we know where we have to go, but our intentions are even more solid than before. This card also is a reaffirmation that help is everywhere. We just need to ask, we need to communicate it. Whether we’re asking help from a friend, partner, family member or our spirit guides, we don’t have to do everything on our own. We can allow ourselves to be supported, open ourselves up to accepting help.

Another thing that comes in very strongly for me with this card is to be kind. We are all going through a lot, we have ourselves and the outer world to deal with, and when we meet and support each other from kindness and understanding, that’s where more magic happens. When we become judgemental or harsh with ourselves and others, our vibration becomes slightly more erratic. You can see it as creating static in a moment where we need the signal to be crystal clear. Try to not get sucked into a “Right or wrong” stance. Everyone experiences reality and life in a different way, no one is better or worse than anyone else. We are all just in different places and levels on this learning experience.

When we are most connected to ourselves is when we are most powerful. That is one of the main messages I feel from the Shaman card (The Hierophant). Everything that we have learned up until this point is a tool we can use now to create. We are creating new foundations, new orders, new paradigms. We are shaping what the “norm” is, or at least what we want it to be. In this case, not for the collective but as individuals. What do you want your foundation to be? What will you give value to? This last week of March brings circumstances or feelings that feed our inner fire, that keep lighting us up from inside, kindling and fanning that flame. Circumstances that shows us how courageous we can be, how strong we have become, how much we have learned. We may be finding ourselves more open to taking risks, to taking a leap of faith with an energy boost and with a higher vibration.

Overall, I feel, it’s a month that opens our eyes to our power, being very clear about our intentions and desires and being willing to go after what we want in a confident and trusting way. Manifestations are close, everywhere. Take a chance, seize the opportunity. The connection with our Spirit Guides will be quite strong, they’ll be around too, for whenever you need a little extra support.

Last but not least, here is the spread for this month.

March Spread

Let your inner fire lead you down where you are meant to go, much love.



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