Making Progress – August 27th 2020

“I am medicine horse, bringing you the message of freedom, journey and progress. Do not act as though you are a beast of burden. Claim your innate divine dignity. Allow yourself to feel and be grateful. Recognize and honor your needs for rest, openness, safety and respect. An ability to hear, know and feel spiritual truth, which will guide you in every aspect of your life journey, is opening up. Connect with your spirit. Live your truth.”
– Earth Warriors Guidebook

I feel the message today conveys aligning with our truth, getting in touch with our primal instincts and intuition, so we can trust that there are things unfolding within us that may be so subtle that may not be felt immediately but hold a great deal of healing for us.

We may be experiencia some sort of “a-ha!” moment where we recognize how far we’ve come and how much work we’ve already put it. The fruits of our inner work. Allowing ourselves to be grateful for this catharsis is recommended.

Today we might notice we are not reacting in quite the same way as we were to the same situations or circumstances, this means growth. Perhaps we’re choosing to change our perspective or th le way we handle things. It’s ok to shift and adapt. We are always growing and learning. We are not here to just survive, but are meant to thrive in alignment with our truth and the universe’s call for us.


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