Magical Creation – November 15th 2017

15. Seeds of Shakti Oracle

I hope everyone’s week is going wonderful so far. It’s a magical and empowering week! I myself have kept a little busy but I really do like keeping this space as active as I can. Things have already begun to manifest in my life and I could NOT be more thankful and excited.

Today is a wonderful reminder that we CAN be the co-creators of our lives, along with the Universe’s help. When you are in alignment with your higher purpose and dreams, things materialize and become something palpable in your life. But, as I’ve mentioned before and can never say it enough, you are also responsible for BELIEVING it is possible. The vibration you have within you, is what attracts things, people, experiences and situations into your life. Yes, positive thoughts are powerful too but become meaningless when you don’t actually feel or believe in them. From the inside.

Once you truly feel, believe, say, think and KNOW that what you desire is possible. That’s where it starts to manifest in a powerful way. Allow yourself to surrender to this and give up a little of that control.

Let yourself be guided by the same Universe who created you. It will never lead you astray or stop supporting your journey. It is ever present and divine. Know that everything, even the most difficult of moments, are happening FOR you, not TO you. It’s just growth and expansion.

Trust in this process and you’ll also find yourself healing and trusting even more.

Affirmation from the @seedsofshaktioracle guidebook: “I move in harmony with the Universe.”

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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