Magic Mirror On The Wall – April 10th

Today’s energy is 100% about perception. 

The message of The Mirror for the self is a reminder that even a reflection of ourselves can be unreal. It may be an illusion, skewed or incomplete. Why? Perception. 

It’s a known fact that we do not see what others see when we look in a mirror. We might find imperfections, flaws, details that might not be even noticeable to others. We’re looking at the same person yet, that person looks different to the eye of the observer. 

And so, today’s energy is there to remind us to look closely at what we see. Are you seeing our true self? Are you seeing the projection of yourself? And aside from how we look on the outside, Are you seeing your inner self for what it is or could it possibly be skewed by your own perception of yourself?

Take some time to really look deep into yourself and find that self-awareness. The deeper you know yourself, the more powerful your actions become. Do you truly see yourself? How does that look with both gifts and imperfections? What is that person capable of?

When we are open to truly seeing ourselves for what we are, the lessons we can learn and apply to our life are endless. The more we know about ourselves, the more we can use that knowledge to our advantage in growth. 

And, even though this card speaks only about the self, I’d suggest you also pay attention to what other people are mirroring to you. Listen and pay attention, some things we may not want to see but need to. Other mirrored things might come as a surprise, compliment us and give us a little extra boost of courage. 

Be an observer today and you’ll discover things that may be extremely helpful for your process.

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