Lurking Shadow – April 3rd

If I could say anything about today, it would be: Tread lightly as things are not always what they seem.

Today’s energy might have you a little confused or apprehensive. Yes,  a lot of times it’s a good idea to take things at face value and keep your expectations in check, but there are certain moments during which you must strongly use your discernment and instinct to cut through the murkiness. 

There are some things brewing behind the curtain that you may not know about, so today may not be the best day to fully commit to something. Let’s say you’re about to sign a contract for a project. On a regular day you might just scan through the document to see if it looks ok but not get tied up in the details, especially if you consider the source to be trustworthy. Today, I wouldn’t take it as lightly. Not to say it’s because someone has ill intentions, but rather, things might not be so clear or straightforward.

Another example of these “unseen” things would be if someone who is usually very calm and centered suddenly lashes out or becomes super impatient with others. Try not to judge right off the bat. There may be things behind that that are not evident in that moment, but come from something brewing below.

Anything that gives you an eerie feeling or a feeling of being unsettled for no reason may be a sign that you should steer clear for now. 

Today, keep it simple. This isn’t to say that decisions are off-limits to you for the next 24 hours! But if you’re not 100% certain on a path, it’s a good day to simply tread water rather than swimming toward the wrong shoreline. 

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