Loosen The Grip – September 26th 2018

How is everyone feeling after the Harvest Moon? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Today’s draw bring our attention to releasing. Yes, this is not the first time you’ll read about releasing on a Full Moon, what’s new right? Everything. You are not the same as you were on the last Full Moon before this one, or the one before. Circumstances change, energies shift.

We are on a constant journey of self discovery and awareness. Growing is inevitable (whether we accept it or not). Evolving, I feel, I optional. It comes down to our choices. Every day all the time.

What I feel we’re being guided to focus on is releasing the old and limiting. In order to expand, you have to leave room to do so. It’s like trying to fill a balloon with air, that’s in a tiny box. It’s not going to expand very much, is it?

It’s the same with our consciousness and souls. It’s time to free ourselves from expectations (our own or otherwise) and to surrender them to the Universe. This doesn’t mean you sit back and wait for everything to happen. But rather, to take inspired action and conscious decisions.

Break through the threshold. What is holding you back? Where do you need to expand and how do will you do so?

We are being broken down so we may rebuild in alignment with ourselves, for our greater good and that of others too. 💙

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