Litha, Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse – June 2020

There’s a LOT going on this weekend and I’m sure you’ve already felt it. Between Mercury and several other planets in retrograde, the start of Cancer season, the summer solstice and the new moon/solar eclipse…well that’s a whole damn lot of energy pumping in.

Today is the summer solstice or Litha in the northern hemisphere. The word solstice derives from the Latin “solstitium”: “sol” (the sun) and “stitum” (standing). This is the point that marks the longest day of the year and how, little by little, light decreases each day until the winter solstice or Yule. The waning stage of the year.

Litha represents the peak of the energy and intentions we’ve been working on since Imbolc (February). From darkness to light and back again. Now we begin to see the results of what has been planted since then, of what was created in the cosmic womb, within darkness. It’s part of a natural cycle and very in tune with the Earth’s rythms.

In Litha it is common to decorate our altar or space with flowers or herbs, representing that natural abundance in our life, inside and outside. Also, working with candle magic, to connect with the fire. Bonfires are always good at this time, moving the body and opening up our heart for what we soon will sow.

It’s an ideal time to reflect on how the seeds that we have planted in recent months have been flourishing (even more with Mercury in Retrograde in Cancer) and the growth that we can notice from where we started. It’s a time to notice all of the abundance that is within us, as well as the one we can observe around us. Bountiful and prosperous energy manifested in this plane.

Here is a short Litha prayer you can say:

You can light a candle by saying it to be in the presence of the fire element or simply saying it in your mind and with intention.

“Sun that brings life, abundance and light to everything:
I ask you to illuminate all parts of my being to see clearly.
May your warmth reach the depths of my being, to create and give life to new things.
May you awaken the abundance that lies within me to multiply it and share it with others.
May you ignite that internal fire with your intensity to be able to overcome difficulties that might arise.
I thank and honor you on this day for everything you symbolize and what you bring.
I am grateful for all the abundance I see and open myself to the prosperity that always exists around and within me.
I recognize all the ways in which I have bloomed. I inhabit my growth and celebrate it.
Today, I let my being light up and allow your energy to be integrated into me.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Today is an ideal day to ignite sacred fire, or to connect with that element in some way since it’s a purifying and grounding element. Symbolically we can throw into the fire (or pass a symbolic object through it) everything that we want to purify or transmute. Fire is the only element that cannot be contaminated or tained, this is why it’s such a powerful element for purification and cleansing. Fire can also allow us to enter a deep meditative state when staring into it, opening up our minds and spirit to messages that may come in as the veil is thin between worlds at this time.

This makes it much easier to connect with elementals like fairies, plant elementals, etc. Now is when we can open ourselves more to the whispers of beings of light that accompany us all the time. It is like a small portal between worlds. And speaking of portals…

Today the sun enters the sign of Cancer and Cancer season begins *flair* with the effects of the solar eclipse that opens up a 6-month cycle.

This sign is associated with the moon, the mother, our childhood, the home, our lineage and ancestors, and family. During this season our connections and emotions can be felt much more. This energy really allows us to connect with our feeling of home both inside and outside of us. Lets focus a little on that sense of home to nurture it and take roots in it. This sign also is very rooted in the past, so it would not be uncommon for memories or nostalgia to come out, especially with mercury retrograde. It’s ok to feel a little blast from the past, but there’s a lot that can be unearthed right now. Especially with the eclipse energy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Let’s find and embody that sense of home within ourselves. How have you been nurturing your home? it doesn’t matter if you’re speaking of a physical home or the home you have within yourself. Has it been tended to? Is there something that has been neglected? Are there things you’ve been stashing with a label “to deal with later”?. A lot of childhood trauma or memories could be surfacing and not all might be fun and friendly. Emotions may be flaring up during this season, so keep in mind: Kindness and mindfulness when dealing with yourself and others. It might be easier to empathize with others and even though we might have communication snags at some point, the overall energy will support our connections that come from the heart, with others.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel while observing why you feel this way. Cancer is a water sign, so it reminds us that we must flow to move forward. The more resistance we have, the harder the current can feel. The more we struggle, the more tired we get. We end up drowning or just so tired that the cosmic current takes us for a ride anywhere. So it’s a little bit of trust and surrender that will help us through this somewhat hard month. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This is an energy of perception, intuition and openness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Let’s discover and strengthen that emotional foundation, our roots, our home, what it looks like for us, how we want it to be and open ourselves up to feel, nurture and flow. Honor your emotions and sit with them, they will hold many answers on how and where to move forward. Both the divine masculine and feminine are being integrated in harmony right now. This is a moment that brings both an ending and a beginning. A turning point in which we prepare and push through in order to birth something new.

The energies available with the eclipse, the new moon, Cancer season and the solstice are opening up our hearsts and expanding our beings from there, it’s a time of reflection and alignment with natural cycles, both our own and the natural external ones. Illuminating the shadow and integrating it with the light in perfect symbiosis to raise consciousness and be our true being is key now.

We are being upgraded into higher levels of consciousness with downloads, DNA activations, plasma light, lightcodes and so much more. The way out is through. Accepting ourselves as divine beings also means accepting and integrating the shadow. Shedding light into shadows creates awareness, awareness opens the door to action. And action, well… is our part in manifesting and creating magical things. We are multidimensional beings, our nature is love. So, it’s time to EMBODY IT.

Let us be very aware of what we want to see flourish within us and in this world. Let us embody the strength of the sun, radiant and powerful. Let us flow like water with tenderness, patience and wisdom.

Let us leave behind the fear of being seen, of showing our light and letting it expand.

Happy Litha and New Moon to everyone!



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