Lions Gate Portal – 8/8 2020

Every year, a specific alignment between Earth and Sirius (the brightest star visible) has a powerful effect on the influx of energy we receive on this planet. Sirius is also referred to as the Great Central Sun or Spiritual Sun, It’s twice the size of our Sun and 26x brighter! It’s a major source of spiritual light and it’s a potent source of higher consciousness. When this alignment takes place, a huge surge of light, high vibrational frequencies, light codes, DNA awakening or repairing downloads and insight come through and is available to us. When this portal is open, awakening is at hand and we move further along the path of Ascension. It’s a major shift in consciousness and activation of our light bodies.

This Gateway/portal is called Lions Gate. It happens right in Leo season and it’s a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. Between dimensions.

This portal is not just something that happens on this day specifically. The influx starts around July 26th, but it’s peak is on August 8th and it closes on the 12th. The Lions Gate is connected to ancient Egypt as well as other cultures, and for millennia this event has been integrated into our Light Bodies. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius comes closer to the Earth.

This portal is about being able to embody the Divine within, elevating, activating our light bodies so we may embody more light, unconditional love and tap into the endless realm of abundance. so we may heal and repair our DNA so that it may hold even more light, higher frequencies and higher powers. It holds the possibility of awakening and opening up our third eye, breaking ancestral memories and emotional traumas stored in our DNA from this life as well as past lives. Psychic abilities can also be awakened or heightened at this time.

It’s a time where we can receive messages in different forms, from higher consciousness and from other multidimensional beings, both in conscious and subconscious states. Contact with star families can be manifested with such energies roaming about. In meditation, it can allow us to pierce through planes and dimensions, giving us glimpses and images from source or spirit guides.

This energy wants to pull us away from fear, material attachments, anger, drama, chaos and superficiality and wants us to connect to infinite love, to our own heart centers, to our soul memories, soul purpose, it wants us to remember that we are multi-dimensional beings and that our very essence is divine. It asks us to disconnect from the Matrix for a moment, from all of the beliefs that have been implanted in us by other forces with hidden (sometimes not so hidden) agendas. It helps us to disconnect from who we rationally think we should be and instead, to connect with out higher self, our heart center and FEEL ourselves, who we truly are. What our true nature really is. Beyond human.

The surge of light also helps us understand how we as individuals, and as a whole are a part of something far far greater than we imagine with our human minds. How we’re all connected and how we’re slowly moving away from separation and tuning in to the vibration and practice of oneness. These are steps that we take towards a New Earth, new paradigms in which we KNOW we are love. That is our essence, that’s what we come from and what we will return to. So much purging, collective and personal has taken place because the slate needs to be cleansed. Yes, the process can be hard but we’ve been preparing for this for lifetimes. So much in this existing world has damaged our ability to receive fully and openly. This is also a wound that’s being healed.

Why? because to be fully open, we must fully trust. When we know everything comes from a place of love and divine purpose, when we embody those higher vibrational frequencies, we are receptive because we ARE. Being is enough. We’re slowly shifting from the delusions of the Piscean era and walking, nay! Floating! into the Age of Aquarius. Where we remember that we are our own masters, we are our own guides, we are the oracle, we are the universe and the universe is us. Oneness. Divine masculine and feminine in harmony, shadow and light, God and man integrated as one. Unity.

The cosmic alarm clock is going off and it’s time to wake up! Let’s tune in to these magical frequencies, open ourselves up to what messages and shifts come in for us. Rest is important to be able to properly integrate these energies into our light and physical body.

Now, let’s make some magic.


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