Libra New Moon – October 2018

Hello again!

Are you as excited as I am about this New Moon cycle and what it may bring? I feel each and every single one of us is on the verge of something… can you feel it?

The Libra New Moon falls on October 8th (or 9th, depending on your location) and it’s highly influenced by Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. Since Venus rules Libra, you can imagine why and how it’s directly impacting. This New Moon, like all New Moons, will start a 6-month cycle that will culminate with a Full Moon on the same sign. Whatever you decide to work on/through will not just be in movement for the next few days. So, be very clear about what it is that’s being asked of, shown to or given to you during this time.

This article is of course, my interpretation of the alignments and energetic imprint. It only peeks into what the energy available will be like. The singular effects or circumstances that will present themselves in your life will vary depending on the area of your natal chart this is happening in.

As you probably already know, New Moons are about fresh starts, a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again… from scratch sometimes. In this particular case, the Libra New Moon along with other alignments, give way to the perfect mix for adding to what’s already there and really being aware of what needs to be sacrificed in order to make room. It’s a re-do, but with all the experience and wisdom you’ve already attained. It’s about re-viewing what already is, but under a new perspective. Adding layers to your own existent foundation.

The Universe has had us all under a tremendous transformation. You’ve heard it once and again in different platforms: Release, let go, detach. I feel this is one of the reasons why. We get a chance to change the course of our lives, but we can’t really do that if we ignore what needs to be worked on, consciously attach ourselves to patterns and habits or resist leaving our baggage behind. This Dark Moon + Venus Rx will help us submerge and go deep into the shadows, bringing as much as we can into the light to find balance, make peace and resolve.

Perhaps you’ve even been feeling like you had already gotten to level 10 and now have to start all over again. Maybe that’s true, however, if you choose to see it as an empowering and inspiring thing, the process will be less stressful, you’ll feel more grateful and it brings a sense of joy and wonder that keeps things light. Instead of that frustrating “I have to do this all over again, what a bummer” feeling, try going towards what your heart TRULY desires and tune into more of a “Look at all the things I CAN do differently this time around” vibe. Where was your foundation feeling a little bit faulty, unstable or just plain uncomfortable? It’s time to go back and review, identify and correct. These corrections are a must in order to strengthen and improve that foundation.

Of course since it’s Libra, ruler of relationships, balance and justice… Existing relationships will undergo thorough examination. Our very own core values might be questioned or reviewed. If there’s something still lurking in the shadows that we haven’t acknowledged or worked on, it can be intensified at this time because it’s time to face the fact, face the fear and most importantly, face yourself. Facing and dealing with things is the catalyst for what this New Moon could bring.

Relationships will most definitely be tested, not all will come out untouched by some sort of transformation. With these alignments and transits, it’s very likely that those relationships that have unhealthy foundations or patterns might dissolve or end, those who have worked on creating respect, harmony and balance will strengthen. Some sort of temptation is also very likely, whether it be impulse buying/eating, a romance affair or a one night fling, or any other manifestation of temptation. Observe how you react to things you desire and try to identify the triggers. Is it obsessive? Is it healthy? Is it coming from fear or love? and so on… reevaluate what you see in yourself and the relationships around you.

A reevaluation of balance between business and personal relationships might also be in focus. If you’re putting your energy too much in one, how is the other being affected, and by cause and effect… affecting you. What value do you put into each one and why is something else you can assess during this period.

Some of us (who are a little more stubborn than others) might even experience breakdowns, whether emotional, mental or physical, which is why it’s absolutely key to LISTEN. Listen to your body, listen with your heart, listen to your intuition as they are the inner compass leading the way. Remember that our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies have to be nurtured equally to achieve a balanced state. If we, ourselves do not know how to be in harmony, how can we be it with others?

Why do I feel it’s necessary to focus on yourself as much as on relationship issues now? How you love, the quality of the relationships you have around you and how you view love is directly tied to the relationship you have with yourself. After all, this last one is the only real one that’s permanent (in this and many other lifetimes). What, who and how you are is important. What you give value and worth to, is too. For me, it’s kind of a given; We can’t better our relationships if we don’t better ourselves in the process.

Another imprint that I find immensely powerful is that this is an ideal time to work with our women ancestors; acknowledge, honor and pay respects. Let this be a moment in which you thank all of them for everything that they’ve gone through in their lives, and allowing your soul to get to this point. Embrace the divine feminine in your lineage and in yourself, let that unconditional love flow through you. It’s healing and strengthening. In an era where women are still at risk, be the change. Feminine energy is rising, but this also draws some obstacles for us to face, we must really stand in love, unite and make each other stronger instead of tearing others down. Know where you come from, honor your roots from a place of love, not judgement.

In this day and time, the bravest form of breaking patterns and revolutionizing this world is through self-love; no judgement, unconditional and pure. It’s your time to review where you’ve been, so that you can make wise and seasoned decisions on what resonates for you in your life. What will you bring in for yourself in this do-over?

Wonderful spreads by some of my inspired sisters

NewMoon Moonandcactus

NewMoon Boho

NewMoon Lindsey

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I’ll be posting the article for Venus Rx here on the blog so stay tuned! Have a fruitful Libra New Moon everyone!




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