Libra New Moon – October 2017

New Moon

The New Moon in Libra is upon us! How is everyone feeling?

There are some positive aspects surrounding this New Moon energy as well as some that require observation and a little discernment.

As you know, New Moons are the fertile and fresh soil in which to plant the seeds of our intentions. Its energy is perfect for bringing into our life, the things we want or desire for ourselves and our environment. The sign in which this lunar phase occurs in, as well as any other astrological transits, tell us a bit more on where to focus our attention.

This month, this particular lunar phase occurs at 26°35′ in the Sign of Libra, with a few transits affecting and adding to this energy, like the Moon in opposition to Uranus and sextile Saturn, the Uranus and Saturn trine and the fixed Stars Arcturus and Spica alignment.

The New Moon in Libra is strongly calling you to ground and find balance, especially in important relationships. After all, Libra is ruled by Venus and governs the 7th house of love and relationships. Of course this transit will have an expansive effect on those areas.

You’re being guided to harmonize and rebalance these relationships. With the Moon opposite Uranus, harmony will naturally unfold, so you may not have to work as hard or feel an intense sense of struggle in order to make this happen. New perspectives will be a result of this transit. Perhaps you’re seeing people in a whole new light, how they make your world better. Maybe you’ll start to notice how some people are your allies and not enemies.

This New Moon may bring certain radical shifts, changes or transformations and while it can feel a bit daunting, they will open doors to profound and necessary breakthroughs. As I had mentioned before in a previous article, Solar Eclipses start a 6 month process/shift in your life, so keep in mind that this is still a part of something that has been unraveling since the August 21st New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and will continue until the end of January, 2018. What were the intentions that you placed at the time? Did they begin to manifest or shift? What transformations came from this powerful event that led you to where you are today? It’s time to ask yourself where in your life you are still needing more harmony and balance. Remember that it starts within you and expands to our environment.

The New Moon in Libra is opposite Uranus, if you’re not in harmony, grounded and at peace with yourself and allow these changes to unfold as they have to, some resistance (be it external or internal) may arise. But resistance, really is futile this time around and will only make you uneasy, anxious and maybe even a bit rebelious. Be careful of any hasty, impulsive or controlling, decisions or actions. You must remain centered, tempered and patient in order to avoid major chaos in blowing things WAY out of proportion. Everything will unfold as it HAS to for you. These transformations are needed. The abundance, prosperity and expansive energy this transit brings can only come into your life if you let it. This means embracing, surrendering and accepting these changes and transformations with trust, love and an open heart (and mind!).

The Jupiter in Scorpio transit also magnifies this positive energy coming into your life as Scorpio allows you to really go within and work from there. Your intuition, gut feelings and inner wisdom have a chance to shine through if you let them. Jupiter is bringing us that wonderful expansive and abundant energy. This expansion spreads into different areas of your life. Listen to that inner voice deep within, trust it, let it guide you as you align with yourself and your purpose.

This New Moon is the perfect time to make amends in order to be at peace with yourself and others, a time to heal past or current wounds with certain people, a time to forgive, a time to place yourself in a harmonious place within while creating this same harmony in your surroundings. It will also shed light as to where you might be directing (or misdirecting) your own energy. Are the scales tipped too much towards one area or person you life? Are there others you might be neglecting? Maybe you’ve been neglecting some relationships or even yourself? What could you do to make it better?

The Uranus/Saturn trine opens the door to those positive changes you are continuosly making (or want to make) in your life. A shift in your perception will aid in tying loose ends, getting back to projects that had been suspended and a lot of creative energy will start to flow. The fixed stars Spica and Arcturus/New Moon conjunction bringing in honor, wealth, success and overall good luck but the we must first deal with these drastic changes and disruptions coming up. Hence the importance of EMBRACING these changes and letting them flow. If we sow frustration, fears, discomfort, erratic energy and such, we will not be reaping balance and harmony.

In a nutshell, the Libra New Moon brings transformation. Whether we are ready for it or not. The Universe is gifting us with opportunities to expand, align and succeed but we must be courageous enough as to trust in these changes, and that they are for the better. So much positivity will come into our lives if we allow ourselves to flow as one with the Universe and those around us in a harmonious and joyful way. The best is yet to come!

For an inspiring ritual to work with these energies, head here.

Here are some of my favorite Tarot spreads for this New Moon.



New moon in libra spread
Moon Mama Medium’s


New Moon in Libra
The Curious Cardslinger’s

May you find whatever grounds you and gives you balance in this New Moon!

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.
– Moon Siren


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