Libra Full Moon – April 2020

Another Full Moon approaches and this time it’s Libra’s turn to host our beloved moon.

What’s up with the energy of this moon phase and the transits surrounding it? Let’s take a look.

Today, we greet the Full Moon in the sign of Libra, and with the Sun in Aries it’s a definite call for balance. Not only because of the inherent Libra influence (fairness, justice and beauty) but also considering the effect of the Sun opposing the Moon. Seeing both sides of the coin and finally seeing it as one.

Aries (Me) is opposed Libra (Others). So at this time we may be particularly aware of this dynamic. How and in what way are we responsible for the relationships we currently have? Have we done our part to be fair? Do these relationships align with what I believe in?

Relationship dynamics can be influenced by this transit, and not just of the romantic kind, but all interpersonal relationships. Not only will we be aware of our own needs, but there’s an openness to also be aware and consider the needs of those around us, this makes a good starting point for bringing in more balance and harmony into those relationships. We are more willing to compromise and negotiate, not just for our own benefit, but for other people’s as well.

A good honest look into our relationships is not unusual at this time, since that area is being illiuminated. How are we maintaining them? How are we nurturing them? Is there something that no longer is good for us within certain dynamics?

If we are being honest and truthful about our needs, we can use this time to communicate them and find solutions to them through understanding and diplomacy. Some tension may arise, however, if we are unsure of what we want or need, it will become a bit more difficult to pin-point it as there can be so many emotions being stirred up not just because of the transit energy but because of the collective energy we’re having to deal with right now. If you’re feeling emotional or restless, try to breathe a couple of times until you feel more balanced and try to shift your focus to resolution and clarity.

Accountability, I feel, is the underlying lesson this Full Moon brings. As we are noticing now more than ever, that we are all interconnected. We recognize and identify those things that we are responsible for and adjust to that. It’s also a call to action. We are being shown that we as individuals are accountable for much more than we imagine, so this brings us to beginning to be even more compassionate towards each other. Meeting others half way is also something we can bring into a new future. We don’t always have to be right, we don’t always have to do everything ourselves, we are here for each other, so let’s make the most of that!

We have gone around for far too long thinking we are separate from each other, and now we have come to realize just how much damage this belief has done. We are reconciliating with ourselves as individuals and coming together as one.

Another lesson the Libra influence can bring to us is finding beauty in all we see. Are you able to find beauty even where there might not seem to be? How are you embracing the wonders that exist in this world? How are you bringing beauty into your own life, your own self? Are we finding grace in the midst of chaos? Are we able to face challenges with grace and not judgement?

Hope you have a magical Full Moon!



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