Libra Full Blue Moon / March 2018

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted an article on the Blog. Between new projects that have taken up a lot of my time and some major issues with technology (Thanks MercuryRx!) the Blog has been a little silent. BUT I wanted to share this small article for the last Full Moon of March and it’s energetic imprint.

With this Moon, I feel as though we’ll all be faced with finding balance between our needs and desires and those from people around us. With this Blue Moon in Libra and the opposing Sun in Fiery Aries, light is being shed on how we balance our own needs and desires with those from people around us. Add Mercury in retrograde to the mix and we’ve got some serious observating to do, not to mention more reason to watch not just what we are expressing but HOW we are choosing to express it.

You know what direction you’re heading to (or would like to), but perhaps the part that was still unclear was how to go about it. It’s not always easy to walk in your own path without thinking about others or considering what it might mean for other people. But, balance can indeed be achieved. Observe the different areas of your life, see which of them you’ve managed to find a personal balance in and which have been partially or completely unhinged.

You are not alone here. This energetic surrounding is definitely a bit of a internal/external push-pull. You may find yourself feeling scattered or unfocused at times. Perhaps questioning things you had never questioned before, maybe you’ve even been finding answers you don’t quite feel ready for or don’t know what to make of them right now. Whatever emotions surface during this time, pay attention to them, observe and try to process them as best you can while remembering that the Mercury Retrograde influence asks us to pause and reflect on these matters instead of acting from impulse.

This really is a time to go inward and discover as much as you can from within. Meditate, write on your journal, sling some cards, do yoga, whatever connects you to your Higher Self to find answers, do it. Try to see how your relationships (any kind) are unbalancing you and how you might be unbalancing them. Sometimes you may think the trigger or cause of an issue comes from an external place or person but we may be surprised when we find we too have a chip in there. Every action has a reaction, so when you consciously and objectively observe your relationships, you’ll see what parts of them you’re also partially or completely responsible for and which ones aren’t yours to be responsible for. When you identify and heal triggers and old wounds, everything around you will shift and change, because you yourself will too.

Remember that a lot of the relationships we have around us are a reflection of who we are. I learned it a very hard way. If something isn’t working at all for you, yet you continue to keep it in your life, that’s on you. If you continue to put others before yourself in an unhealthy way, that’s on you. If you choose not to express yourself at all from fear of being judged, that’s on you. You have the power to drive your life, relationships and overall emotions towards where you want them to be. With great power comes great responsability and each and every one of us is responsible for our own life and well-being. This is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but in the end… it’s true. I truly believe a balance can be found, a way you can walk down your path and feel happy and comfortable while being compassionate and loving to those around you.

A very dear friend said something to me this past week that felt so heavy but had 100% truth to it; she said “What you think will happen if you don’t step in all the time may not even come to pass. Give people the opportunity to figure things out on their own so THEY can grow (even if it takes them a couple of tries to get it). Let things flow naturally and don’t take on things or feelings that aren’t yours to carry”. Phew!

So, just like this little example, maybe you’ll identify where in your life you’re putting yourself on hold (conscious or unconscious) or depriving others of their ability to take control by trying to do it yourself. Maybe it’ll will be something else for you, regardless, it will bring some intense opportunities for your personal growth and evolution. With this wonderful Libra Blue Full Moon, take responsability for what is yours and LET GO of anything that is not a part of that but do so in a conscious, grateful and loving way.

Be mindful of your words and actions. Stay grounded, seek some time for yourself to refocus and go within. I myself, cannot wait to try Sharron’s Boundary Setting Ritual and the wonderful Cleansing Ritual by Forever Conscious

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As always, don’t forget to charge your crystals under this glorious moonlight. Remember that the Full Moon energy is most potent 24 hours before and after the Full Moon is at its peak. There is no “perfect” time to do rituals, so if you feel like doing it the same day or waiting a few days to feel it, go for it! Use the energies around you in a way that works for you.

Happy Blue Moon!

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