Let Love Bloom – July 9th 2020

Ahh love… such a wonderful, powerful and magical feeling.

Many of us have lived our lives believing that love, real love, can only be found in a relationship. But this is by far the biggest misconception of all in my opinion. We are all infinite vessels of love. Divine love.

Divine love knows no specific kind of relationship, age, reason or form. Unconditional love is free of limits, it just IS. We are used to allowing ourselves to feel love for family, friends, partners, lovers or even animals, but we tend to forget about the most important one: Self-love.

We forget to love ourselves unconditionally, we see flaws, we see failures and can become quite hard on ourselves, we can see weaknesses and curse them for existing within us. How many times have we given loving advice to others but have not shown ourselves the same compassion and kindness? How much have we been there for others, to tend to, to nurture, to hold space for and to encourage but seem to not do it for ourselves?

I cannot overstate the importance of loving one’s self in the most unconditional way we can. How can others see our true selves and who we are and accept us when we don’t even fully accept ourselves? Now, I’m not saying we NEED other people’s acceptance to love ourselves but once we truly connect with Divine love for ourselves, we project that, we embody it, we radiate this energy and it can have a ripple effect on others as well. Even if other people don’t understand or accept us, the simple fact that we accept ourselves as we are, keeps us holding our own power and our own value.

Give yourself a little extra love today. Is there something you need to forgive yourself for? How can you best be there for YOU today? What can you do for yourself to make you feel loved and cherished?

Allow yourself to look in the mirror and fall deeply in love with what you see. A mirror doesn’t show you what you want to see, it shows you what is. But you do have a choice in how you see that reflection. You are magical.

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