Let It Roll – September 23rd 2017

23. The Good Tarot . Wheel of Fortune
The Good Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune card to me, is always a lesson. Everything in life moves in stages or circles. Some things end in order for others to begin. What’s seen as negative experiences really give us more perspective when appreciating the good times.

This card always reminds me that nothing is forever, not the bad or good times. But this is also a reminder to work actively towards what we want. If there’s a good streak, take action to try and keep it that way. If, on the other hand, you’re not having the best of times now, you can work actively to change and improve it.

Being inactive is not a choice now. No sulking or feeling bad fpr yourself if you’re having a bad time, know and trust that things DO get better. If everything is going wonderful for you, feel gratitude and savor the moment.

This energy for me seemed to be around during my entire week. I had very little time for myself due to work and at some point I even felt guilty and disappointed in myself for not being able to post. BUT that’s life. Embracing changes, delays and irregularities is also a part of it.

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