Let It Go – July 18th 2020

Hello all!

Today’s message comes a little late but purposefully.

Before the day is finished, there might be something we need to let go of. This might be different for everyone as this draw is meant to shed light on collective energy available for the day.

For some it might mean finally accepting to let go of something you’ve held on to for a while that you’re now realizing it’s time. For others it might mean letting go of something uncomfortable or painful that might have happened during the day. Maybe even letting go of a pattern or behavior you may have noticed.

There’s been a lot of this last one coming up for everyone recently. Behaviors or reactions that we finally become aware of and now need to let go of to grow and change into a more improved version of ourselves.

Perhaps you’re letting go of an idea or expectation you had about a certain circumstance. Releasing is never simple or easy. But when you acknowledge that what is released makes way for new things to come in, it brings some sort of comfort.

In life death never exists by itself. It’s only a part of a cycle. Where there are endings, there are also beginnings. And that’s definitely something to look forward to.

If you’re having difficulties letting something go today, try to sit with that discomfort and see if you can find the answer to why. Without judgement, being kind and understanding with yourself. Only your higher self will know if it’s truly the right time to do so. Just use your discernment to see CLEARLY if it’s fear holding you back or if you’re really not ready to do so yet.

I hope everyone is well.


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