Let It Flow – September 28th 2017

28. The Vision Quest Tarot . Four of water
The Vision Quest Tarot

When we think of abundance, most of the time our mind thinks about the financial aspect of it, but we forget abundance and prosperity can mean in health, in peace of mind, in love, in money, in family, so so many different ways.

So, today I ask you, what kind of abundance and prosperity does your desire most? Dig deep, as you may find the intellectual obvious answer might not be the heartfelt honest answer.
Align your thoughts with what you feel deep inside. If you say your prosperity affirmations every day but constantly stress over money or lack of something, you might create what you fear most.

Feel as if you already have it. Raise your vibration constantly to manifest things that are for your best and highest self. But most importantly BELIEVE with your whole being that you are worthy. Being grateful for what you already have will only attract more prosperity and higher vibration opportunities into your life.

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