Leo New Moon – August 2020

On August 18th the New Moon will take place in the bold and bright sign of Leo. Opening up both a 28 day and 6 month cycle in which will have a clear idea on what’s being shaken up in our life with this event. Of course for each individual person, this New Moon may fall in a different house, so check with an experienced astrologer for personal details on how it might affect you.

This 28 day and 6 month cycle begins with this New Moon and allows us to take our time to really work through what’s coming up for us. It’s not just something that happens in a day, but just like in life and nature, it’s a part of a greater cycle that we can tune into. As a dark moon, what Leo’s sun will be illuminating is us on the inside, why? because what we need to tap into is already within us. We might become even more aware of any murkiness that may still be holding us back in the shadows. Be mindful and aware of how you react when triggered at this time because this will help you pinpoint what needs to be worked on in this cycle. How we choose to handle ourselves will determine if we call it an “awesome” New Moon or not.

There is definitely one thing I feel from this Leo New Moon… it’s making each and every one of us step up. For some, that may mean stepping up in your own life and taking the reigns back, for others it can be stepping up to lead in a way you didn’t think you were capable of, maybe for a few it might mean stepping up and doing the work that has to be done. Overall, we are stepping up into our power, into what we feel is true in our hearts.

Now, I feel like there’s different energies that might seem to have a push-pull effect. In a year where so much changed for us as a collective, it’s no wonder we have had to reevaluate who we are. A lot of social programming and conditioning has fragmented due to everything that has gone on this year in the world. We are being called, yet again, to check inside of us for those answers. The more we see ourselves fully, the more we can contribute to the collective because we’ll know where our strength and purpose lies.

This New Moon feeds like fuel to our ready-to-go engines because our action booster is active. We want to move forward, to create, to build, to DO! However it may not necessarily be possible at this time, not immediately anyway, and this may trigger our impatience, frustration, anger and anxiety. We may even feel restricted, whether this comes from inside of us or it be from external factors or circumstances. Feeling limited and/or blocked can also set us off in the wrong path. A test in patience and trust is what this feels like. And not just trust in the universe, but trust and faith in ourselves.

I know most of the time it’s easier said than done (trust me, I know!) but try to be flexible with HOW you go about things, the more rigid the plan, the harder it may feel like when things don’t go our way. Allow yourself to move through these energies as best you can, remembering who you are. Leo is very much the connection to our hearts and in our hearts we can also carry very strong wounds so, we can begin to be compassionate and forgiving not only towards others, but especially to ourselves. There’s a difference between enabling and coddling our shadows and being compassionate towards ourselves. Being compassionate means that we don’t judge ourselves too strongly for how we feel and think, it’s understanding that all we can do is try our best and we can always try again if we don’t meet our own expectations.

Yes, Leo (all fire energy) can be about the hustle n bustle and going out in the world and making it our own, being extra and being the creators of the world, but this time around, I feel like how we inhabit that home and light within is still very much a focus (since it started with Cancer season). We’re falling into our light, getting quite comfortable with our power, allowing ourselves to feel without supressing, forgiving and finding our courage and will. There’s a lot outside of us that we can’t control, but we can control how we react to it and how we let it affect the light we shine with.

We are in an alchemical process in which we’re identifying what changes need to be made before we can create what we desire to. This is where any triggers and shadow work come in handy, because if there’s still something hindering our forward movement, now is the time to resolve and heal before we can fully ramp up and go for the results we want. This is a good time to ask ourselves what we have been doing with what we currently have, recognizing all that we’ve done, all that we’ve grown to even be able to be here now. Appreciating and accepting that is one of the keys to find that inner strength to keep moving forward.

Trying to keep things joyful and playful is one of the ways to navigate the existing energies, because with so much action and fire around, if we’re being way too serious and driven, we might end up burning out or burning others. Allow yourself to be flexible, to surrender to those things you cannot control, to take charge of those that you do and to be compassionate with yourself if you’re really doing your best. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time, little by little, task by task. A little a day goes a long way.

This Leo New Moon helps us find the courage and spark we need to move towards what we’re working towards, to not lose sight of our light when things may seem dark out, to reconsider our actions and desires and make sure they’re coming from your most authentic self. Allowing yourself to shine even if it’s not yet seen by others, to not lose faith in yourself just because things may not go the way you planned. Any transformation calls for the destruction of the old, but it makes way for the new. Find your passion, your purpose and know that it’s there for a reason, it serves a higher purpose. We are regrouping. You do you, you are unique and formidable.

No more hiding who we are, hiding our feelings and putting our hearts and needs in the closet. This is a time to fully step into our power, to embody resilience and strength no matter what the outside looks like. The fire inside must be kept alive and even if through small steps, let it fully illuminate and guide our lives. The realization that if we don’t step up for ourselves, do the work, pump ourselves up, take charge and see ourselves clearly, no one else will, it’s not their job to do so. Allowing yourself to take a stand, to verbalize and ambody what it is that you stand for, what you’re willing to work with and for, to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others. Stepping into yourself and leading through that inner power, that’s the calling of this dark moon.

Protect your energy, listen to your body and let the fire roar. As hard as it may get, push through and you’ll be forever changed when you cross the threshold to the other side and you’ll be even better prepared for what you’re trying to create and manifest.

Happy New Moon everyone!


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