Leo Full Moon – February 2020

The Full Moon is near and this time around, it is inevitable to feel the potent energy that it brings with it. Can you feel the heat? On February 8th or 9th (depending where you’re located) the Moon partners up with the Lion and we hear its roar for sure.

I’m diving straight into it! Courage, boldness, fierceness, action, passion and alignment with the self are some of the key points regarding the energy coming in.

Leo is bold, very out there, expressive, definitely very much in tune with its element: Fire. This is the perfect opportunity to assert ourselves and really touch base with our heart and intentions. We’re being asked, in a very powerful and profound way, to not only identify what we truly want, what makes us happy, what brings fulfillment and joy, but to act on it. It’s a “‘let’s turn pipe dreams into real castles” kind of energy. These energies are here for us, but they don’t create anything FOR us. This is something we can harness, direct and take advantage of. We are the designers and creators of our own life. What do you want to create for yours?

You have what it takes to build the life you want, to live and incarnate the energies you wish to feel and be. This energy is opening up our eyes to the endless possibilities that we have before us. I’ve asked this before in previous posts but it holds as much importance and power again today: If there weren’t any limitations, what would you want your life to be? Embody those emotions and feelings! You have what it takes to create that for yourself but first you have to be honest with yourself. Know what you want; have the courage and strength to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to be. Believe it’s possible.

This energy is also opening up our hearts to what we really need and want, to what it desires, to what we dream about. This is a time to seek those things that make us feel alive, vibrant, happy and fulfilled! To connect with things that spark our passion. We can be quite receptive at this time, open, vulnerable. Some people may feel like they’re wearing their heart on their sleeve and yes, it’s kind of what we need now. To reconnect with ourselves in a genuine way while also letting our true self be seen, to allow our light to shine. This is a wonderful moment (as is every single day) to really be authentic and real.

It’s time to stand in our power and OWN IT. No one in this world is “perfect”. Perfection doesn’t exist, but what we can use is our own power. Everything we are is exactly what MAKES us who we are. This also means embracing those things that you might call quirks, maybe insecurities you have about the way you are or how you look. It’s beautiful because that’s what makes you, YOU. Own it. Claim it. I know, I know… Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can be scary, intimidating and honestly, can cause anyone to feel a little anxious. But we need this, our souls and personal journeys are ready for this. This is how we keep growing, learning and expanding our hearts!

As always, light is also being shown on what we have to do for ourselves, to let this happen. Shedding light in possible areas that we may be in our own way. This, as painful or sad as it may be, allows us to release old versions of ourselves and be reborn. Think of this as a Phoenix moment. Sometimes, some things have to be burned before they can be reborn. However, the surrounding energies are also supporting us by giving us an oomph of courage, so we can be brave and strong enough to venture where we haven’t been yet, so we can let go of fear and trust that we are being guided to our best and highest selves.

If you feel yourself overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, insecurities, or any emotions that make you feel less than vibrant, as hard as it is, don’t run from those shadows. Listen to what they have to say, listen to what they’re screaming for you to pay attention to and give yourself the advice you would give to, well… you, if you were your friend. Practice acceptance of what is and isn’t so you can move through these energies by flowing with them.

This Leo Full Moon, this month, and hey! this YEAR is pushing us forward to really let go of what isn’t working for us so we can be creative, find solutions, align with our purpose and build strong foundations to create a wonderfully beautiful life for ourselves. But it starts from within each and every single one of us.

Of course, this had to be said… this energy also brings up the flirty, fun and passionate side of us. So, romantic encounters can fill entire rooms with heat and possibly some sweat. And considering Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this may make some of you quite happy. Static is in the air! With just the right elements, something can spark into existence. This lunar transit has a lot to do with intimate relationships and family, so make sure you pay attention to what is moving/changing for you in these areas.

Not to be a damp towel on the flame but… I’d just like to point out that we are already in Mercury Retrograde’s pre-shadow and considering the volatile side fire energy can have, mind your temper, mind your expectations. We can be going for what we want, having clarity, shining our light and that’s just fabulous! But just try to keep a somewhat leveled head. Impulsivity or rash decisions can bring some results we may not have wanted. Tempers can be high at this time too, especially with everyone feeling a bit more vulnerable. Be mindful of others feelings and how your actions affect your surroundings.

And last but not least! MOVE. THAT. BODY. We may also be feeling a lot of physical energy at this time and dancing or doing anything that involves movement is a great way to let the energy move through us. Also, a little sunlight and vitamin D will do us all some good (just stay safe and avoid sunburns).

I wanted to do something a little different for this article and since this is bright and vibrant energy, we need to get the body moving too! So, I compiled a short playlist of  songs with BIG Leo energy and that embody these lunar energies (In my opinion, of course). And it goes something like this:

Rihanna – Diamonds
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Florence + Machine – Dog Days Are Over
Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like
Katy Perry – Roar
Lorde – Royals
Shakira – She Wolf
David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium
Beyoncé – Diva
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire
Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
Blondie – Call Me
And many more…

If you want to listen to the full playlist, click here.

And, as per usual… I’m leaving this spread for those of you who’d like a little additional guidance from tarot/oracle cards, runes or whatever divination tool you find appropriate for this spread.

Full Moon in Leo


I hope you all have a magical Leo Full Moon! Much love to you all.



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