Lady Isis – July 30th

Magical vibes are going around today with Lady Isis coming forth and making her presence felt.

She encourages us to connect with our hearts, to connect with the neverending source of unconditional love, to transition from darkness to light swiftly and effortlessly, not to shy away from it but to understand that shadow is as much a part of our life as the light. She allows us to transform fear and death into rebirth and new beginnings. She is the Goddess of magic, healing and rebirth as of death. She whispers to us, gently, reminds us that we are love. We are power. We are magic.

She supports us in summoning our own inner magic and potential for it to be released and manifested into the outer world. She is the full expression of the Divine Feminine. She reminds us that force is not always necessary to create, but there is power in gentleness and nurturing.

She is a great protector and is a crucial part of this collective awakening in which we are in her presence has been felt for a while now and many messages of love and comoassion have been channeled by so many. She is a source of inspiration, strength and healing. She’s supporting us all in connecting with higher vibrational states such as love and gratitude which echo and manifest in outward realities as well.

She, and her story with her beloved Osiris are the embodiment of the power of intention. Where shall you focus your energy today and what will you manifest?

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