June 2020 – Monthly Reading

A new month ahead and this means plenty of opportunities and yes, perhaps some obstacles (there always are) up ahead. Don’t panic, we’ll be ok.

As I mention every month, you can take this reading as overall predominant energies for the month, or you can take them as four individual weeks and their energies. However it resonates, take it with you and what doesn’t, leave it behind.

As I mentioned in the Weekly Reading, there is a lot happening this month astrologically, so it’s best to brush up on what transits are coming and how they can possibly influence the collective or your personal chart. If you want to check our a very in depth, extensive astrology forecast on the month you can click here. And a little friendly reminder that the preshadow for Mercury Retrograde starts in June and it will station retrograde on the 17th. I’ll do a dedicated article on that sometime soon.

Now, on to intuitive readings!

The first card that came up was The Empress and this to me screams gestation. Not necessarily of human life within but of new projects, dreams and lifestyles that are in your sacred creative womb. These need to be nurtured before they are able to see the world. This is a really good time to figure out how exactly they need to be nurtured so that they may take the shape or form you wish them to have. Leave a little wiggle room too because when we do, we let the universe surprise us with even more than we had imagined.

This card is a wonderful reminder to draw from the abundance that is already around and within you to nurture and care for those ideas or wishes. Remember last week? the energies that were trying to make us open our eyes to beauty and abundance? well, this is why. Once we awaken to the infinite abundance around us, we can syphon from it to build solid foundations and shape our dreams. This is a very fertile time.

The Empress brings abundance and blessings, her energy is nurturing and maternal. She allows us to soften, lead and trust in what we are creating. Venus has a very strong presence in this card and energy and it’s no surprise because of what’s going on at the time (and what will go on) with this planet, astrologically.

The second card that came up was The Wheel (Wheel of Fortune). Wow, talk about divine timing and intervention here. We are entering a realm of opportunity, the energy of the previous week carries on to the next and builds momentum, this is where we may start to see a little movement (even considering Mercury Retrograde). This week I wouldn’t be surprised if you start noticing synchronicities, stay open to signs coming from all over the place. This is happening to give little tender and loving nudges along your path, trust that this forward movement is getting you to where you want, to where you are destined to be.

Perhaps this week you’ll notice how perfectly the cosmic web has spun in the past, to get you to this point in time, to where and who you are now. There is a reason. This energy also asks that we try to stay connected and aligned with those cycles and rhythms that The Empress represents, for it’s best to flow with them and not try to fight against them. I feel like this also means knowing your inner cycles as well as those above us, to get a better understanding of the “cosmic weather” to know how to properly and conveniently navigate better. Remember: As above, so below. As within, so without.

Change is inevitable. We can adapt and make the best of it while trying to enjoy as best we can or we can fight it until we’re so tired, it takes us to where we need to go anyway. If you’ve been seeking to turn your life around, in some area or in any way, this might be a beautiful beginning of a new path for you.

The third card that came up was the Page of Shells (Cups). I actually laughed a little when this one came out because it screams Mercury Retrograde in Cancer to me, it really does. There’s a lot of emotional charge in the energy for this week and given Cancer is a water sign, we know it may stir up some emotions during this time. The energy os this card combined with the Retrograde gives me a feeling that we may be exploring depths to our emotions, revisiting corners and spaces that hold even more answers to how we truly want to feel. Whatever you are going through at this time will help you mature emotionally. You may be feeling compassionate, understanding, nurturing and very connected to your heart center.

Intuition may be heightened at this time, especially because this week the New Moon in Cancer is providing that for us. You may be receiving messages or important information for your process from others around you, dreams, synchronicities or even songs! Be open to receiving help from different planes and in different forms. Listen to your inner compass. Your heart and soul know the way. Always remember to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others, since we could be prone to opening up so much that we may become overemotional or reactive. Try not to take things too personal and know that others are going through their own emotions and may not handle things as best they could in a different time.

The last card in this monthly draw was the Three of Feathers (Swords). I’m never too excited to see this card come up in any reading because I know it can be hard but at times necessary for our growth. With so much reflection and emotions running high, it’s almost natural that we may bump into shadows, circumstances or triggers that may cause some sort of pain. If we haven’t set healthy boundaries within ourselves or with others, we may find ourselves in a position where we feel hurt or betrayed. Again, this might be something we’re subconsciously doing to ourselves or that we feel others have done to us. For some it could be that what is unearthed during this transit can have you revisiting painful memories or experiences so you may acknowledge and heal.

Pushing through this pain can help us become more resilient, stronger, wiser. Labor pains. If you’re feeling sad, lonely, hurt or disappointed, allow yourself to sit with those emotions as well. Like I said in the beginning, this might be an intense month but we WILL get through this, this too shall pass.

Some may be feeling a little lost, confused or alone. It’s not easy going through some sort of hardship while being far from loved ones (for some) because of what the world is currently going through. Please know that you are not alone, even at a distance, there is always someone you can reach out to. If you’ve been holding back too many emotions, this card can also signify that they can no longer be contained, and this breaking point can serve as a release for them. Allow them to pass.

If I could sense keywords that sum up this month’s every, I would have to go with opportinuty, possibility, creativity and resilience. I’ve created a card spread so those who want to, can get a little extra guidance.

Card Spread june

I hope this month brings you revelations and personal power, to get you through to the next chapter in your life. Much love.



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