July 2020 – Monthly Reading

Hi all! Running a few days late with the monthly reading due to certain health issues but here I am!

Some of us may still feel somewhat confused and sluggish from all the energies that June brought with it, and July might not be as intense, but the energy isn’t exactly winding down.

This is the intuitive tarot reading for the month of July. I’ll be sharing the overall feel of the month and in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the energy and messages that come to me from each of the following cards: Queen of Swords, Six of Swords, Page of Pentacles and Three of Swords reversed.

The first message that came to me was that this month we may still be processing a lot from last month, there have been peaks (both high and low) that we’ve had to go through, tons of energy downloads plus the influences of the astrological climate. So, if you’ve been having a hard time or have been feeling dazed, sluggish or just plain tired, this may continue in the first weeks of July.

Rest as needed, care and nurture yourself as much as you can. I know not all people meditate, but whatever you can do to unwind even if just for a small amount of time will be very beneficial this month.

There’s a couple of energies that stood out to me, the first one being that we can set the intention to be as discerning and objective as we can this month, because we’ll have a lot going on in our minds and hearts. We will need our judgement to be clear and precise to avoid becoming overly hard, harsh with others or taking things too personally. We have to remember that while our truth is our own it isn’t necessarily “better” than anyone else’s, we must respect the processes and opinions of others even if we don’t agree with it. We don’t need to rule over other people to find our own happiness and answers.

You can feel confident in yourself, what you believe in and what you think and feel, just make sure you’re not getting up on that high horse. We all have baggage to sort through, especially this month. Be mindful, be aware, be conscious. Everyone’s energy might be a little on edge on some days because the energies really do promote leaving some sense of familiarity or comfort behind, this can be hard for most. There’s an open invitation, since we’ve been faced with so many of our shadows collectively and individually, to let go and release what no longer serves you emotionally, physically, mentally, materially or spiritually. What burdens and drains your energy can now be released, if you’re ready to do so. You’re never obligated to, just because energetically it’s favorable. But really reflect on recent events, weeks, years to see what you would like to keep moving forward. What makes you come alive? what sparks joy in your life? what brings you balance and purpose? Follow that trail and don’t be scared of an uncertain horizon.

We will also need to be very assertive because certain decisions will need to be made, you will need to be able to determine what the best route is to get you to where you want to be and identify the steps that will lead you there. It’s ok to change your mind on fixed plans you may have had at some point, it’s ok to go a different direction than you thought you would. You are not inmovable. You are not a solid creation. You can ebb and flow as you need to. Try not to dwell too much on the sadness or pain that leaving something behind brings, and also focus on the opportunities that lie ahead. Acknowledge the growth and improvement that this uncomfort and pain can bring, but try not to carry it with you to where you’re going. You’ll want to feel a little lighter for that!

It’s all about balance because running away from things isn’t the same as peacefully releasing them, so remember to check yourself to see if there’s anything you’ve been hiding or running away from. The more we run, the more we have to deal with later on, and it keeps growing and building up. Facing things makes us accountable and also frees us in powerful ways, no matter how painful it may be. You know your own time, no one can tell you it’s too soon or too late to let go of something, just make sure you’re being honest with yourself and check if there’s an unhealthy attachment to the circumstance or if it’s really just not time yet. It’s ok. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and process it as best you can. Nurture and protect your energy well.

All this digging, processing, integrating and healing might bring us to reconcile with a part of ourselves, maybe all of ourselves as well as external things or other people. Once we free ourselves from certain judgements, patterns or toxic behaviors we can come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness. We may start to feel a bit lighter, maybe a bit more pep in our step. The key is allowing ourselves to LET GO and not actively holding on to what we KNOW is damaging to us. You have the courage, you have the power to do so. I know I’ve said this quite a bit recently but it’s that important as to say it once more. The more we resist necessary change in our lives, the more difficult we make it for ourselves.

All this emotional and energetic work can be quite a bit, this is why it’s crucial to attend to other areas of your life that already bring balance, joy and serenity into your life. Find new approaches to attaining goals, to completing projects, to fulfilling dreams. Lighten up the load with what makes your heart flutter. Spend quality time with loved ones (yes, you can still do this at a distance), make a vision board, take up a new dance class online, start and finish that book you’ve always wanted to read… the options are endless and personal for each and every one of us. Be kind, loving and patient with yourself. When you feel things getting heavier, find a silver lining, as there always are.

Listen to yourself and don’t forget to breathe. Much love,



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