Positive Affirmations – July 12th 2020

Posting a little late today but the intention of these Sunday messages are not just meant as daily guidance but Self-care guidance for the up coming week.

And today’s card is Positive Affirmations. This resonated quite a bit for me because just yesterday I was thinking about how we speak, not only to ourselves but in general.

Words hold more power than we usually are aware of. Sometimes we may even crack jokes about how forgetful we are or how intense our personality is or anything along those lines. In moments where we might be feeling down, we might be more prone to negative self talk that comes from traumas o wounds we might still hold.

This week, try to be more aware of the words you choose to communicate and how they have an impact. Integrate positive affirmations that are empowering and encouraging. Give yourself a boost as if you were doing it for a friend. Use kind words towards yourself and others and watch how your energy shifts.

Whenever you’re saying an affirmation of your choice, allow yourself to not just think but feel it. Believe it.


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