It’s Evolution, Baby!- April 27th

You can’t stop change.

I know that sounds very unsettling to hear or read in certain moments of life. Even so, it doesn’t make it untrue. 

No matter how small or big a change is, we never remain the same for even a day. Change and transformation is a constant in life, human or otherwise. We’re a part of so many natural cycles, and when we open our eyes to welcome awareness, we can see those cycles unfold. 

This message is about surrendering to the unavoidable nature of transformation. I always find immense beauty in the fact that nothing is permanent. Yes, sometimes during hardship, we are quick to wish for the moment to be over and done with. Then, there are those beautiful moments that we wish we could put in a jar and keep them going forever. However, how would we be truly appreciative of the best moments of our lives if they lasted forever? How would we know any different? 

Living through an array of experiences is what gives us perspective. Perspective is a funny and subjective thing… when you take small pockets of time, your evolution is not so evident. It’s not until you lengthen that time span that you’re really able to see all sequences of events that led to significant changes. You may not feel like there’s any evolution from one week to the next, and you might even feel the same. Maybe you’d see the difference in a year or a decade. This doesn’t mean that shifts don’t happen in short amounts of time, it means they’re so subtle that you can’t really tell they’re being woven into the beautiful tapestry of life. 

Give yourself permission today to let yourself be transformed. Perhaps there’s a moment or a circumstance you’ll live through today that will have a greater impact down the line.

Nothing is permanent, make the best of it. 

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