Intuition Guides You – May 25th to 31st

Hello all!

I bring you the card pull for this week’s energy. If you remember, on the May reading, the card that came up for this week was the five of cups in reverse. And with today’s pull, it’s still pretty much in synch with that energy.

There’s been a lot of movement of energy in the past weeks and we may all have been feeling quite creative and explosive but there’s been dense energies present as well. Some of you may have come to face difficult situations or decisions. Coming face to face with some things that may not have been working out, a strong and rude realization that change was needed.

This week’s energy points to moving forward, even if slowly. The energy of the six of swords brings that chance to breathe. The moment of silence after the storm has passed. Yes, it may have left a little debris and chaos behind but now we can see more clearly, what and where we can rebuild.

Even though we may have had to deal with circumstances that bring pain or sorrow, the energy supports in moving on from the emotions that it may have left. Some possibly don’t feel like they’re energy is 100% back, and that’s ok. Just know even if you think it’s too slow, forward movement is still forward movement. We’re still recharging, regaining energy and composing ourselves after being shaken up some.

There is higher guidance at this time to, whether it be from your higher self (intuition) or spirit guides, supporting and encouraging us all to keep moving forward. That’s what the presence of the High Priestess makes me feel.

If you have no idea where you’ll be sailing off to after the storm possibly changed your course, trust and listen to your inner guidance. Your intuition is the best life compass you can ever have. Your soul knows the way and it will lead you to where you are meant to go, if you listen closely.

Right now may not be the time to charge ahead at full speed, but to rather take small but confident steps. Being receptive and allowing ourselves to surrender to our soul’s desires is not necessarily being passive. The High Priestess asks us to be open to possibility, to surrender to a higher power and to stay connected to our higher self so we can be clear on where to go next.

She also asks us to acknowledge the shadow that lies hidden. So it’s a good time to ask ourselves what our shadow played a part of during this past time. Maybe some things that were hidden will come to light during this time. Trust that all works out just as it’s meant to.

Have a wonderful week and journey ahead!



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