Interconnectedness – April 13th

Can we find the divine in everything?

Today’s draw reminds us that we are deeply connected to everything and everyone. There is an invisible thread that comically binds us all together.

A lot of times we feel separated, different, alone. However, the impact of your existence alone extends farther than you could imagine. We are not alone, we are constantly supported by energies and spiritual guides that aren’t visible to our eyes but can be truly felt when connecting with higher planes.

This card is a reminder to connect with the divine through going inward and observing the outside world. Even the simplest of things show us how there’s a higher power funneling life and energy through it. I

It’s a good day to observe your spiritual practice. Is your soul being nurtured? Are you able to feel that connection to the Universe in your daily practices? Are you aware of the power you hold in your life just for being who you are? Are you able to recognize thr power of the universe in your life?

Mahavatat Babaji brings a message of awareness. The expansive power or divine interconnectedness. He wishes to light the spark within, that shall be a beacon of light for us to elevate our frequencies and experiences.

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