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How many of us have bought candles over the years and just throw away the leftover wax when they’re done? We’ve all done it more than once.

I was curious about reusing the wax to make new ones and I decided to give it a try a few months ago. I was so incredibly surprised with the results, I wondered if there were other people out there who might be interested in learning how to do this.

When you reuse old wax, first of all, you get your money’s worth because you use every little bit of wax and second, you throw away less. So here’s to practicality and environmental protection!

This article goes through the whole process from start to finish, what tools and materials you need and a few pointers. Let’s get started!

What you need:

🌟 Leftover wax from used candles
🌟 Scissors
🌟 Masking or clear tape
🌟 Empty and clean candle jars
🌟 Candle wick
🌟 Sifter or strainer
🌟 Ladle or spoon
🌟 Melt pot
🌟 Wick Holders
🌟 Essential oils (Optional)
🌟 Flowers or herbs (Optional)
🌟 Adhesive (glue, silicone, instant adhesive) (Optional)

The process:

Make sure you have everything you need at hand before the wax is melted. Working with wax can be a little tricky, you don’t want to be looking for supplies while the melted wax hardens where it shouldn’t.

🌟 STEP 1: Remove the leftover wax from the jars by placing them in the microwave  or water bath until they soften enough as to scrape the wax off. Remove the old wick holder (you can reuse this too if it’s still in good shape). Wax shouldn’t come in direct contact with water and double check for metal or aluminum parts that can mess up the microwave.


🌟 STEP 2: Wash and dry the jars you’re going to be using.


🌟 STEP 3: Place the wax in the pot and start to melt it over medium/high heat. Watch out for setting the temperature too high, as it can start to burn quicker. Stir occasionally. If  you’re going to use essential oils or any coloring, add a few drops to it while it melts.

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🌟 STEP 4: While the wax melts, measure the wick length for each jar you’re going to use and leave about an inch longer. Place the wick in the wick holder and stick to the bottom. This is where you can use an adhesive or just a little bit of wax.

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TIP: If the jars aren’t more than 6″ tall, you can use wax drops to stick the wick holder, but if the jars are taller than 6″, you might want to go with an adhesive, as the wax will melt, the wick holder will move and it will not dry in the right place. Using adhesive to stick it down might make it harder to remove next time though.


🌟 STEP 5: Use the masking tape to secure the wick so it doesn’t wiggle when you pour the melted wax in. If you used an adhesive to secure the wick holder, you can skip the masking tape and just hold the tip of the wick as you pour (Don’t forget to use the strainer, this will prevent burnt residue or other unwanted particles in the candle).

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TIP: Wax will start to harden on the strainer, so just scrape the wax off to keep pouring without blockages.


🌟 STEP 6: When the wax is completely melted, scoop the melted wax into the jar.

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If you’d like to use decorative herbs or flowers, you can add them now. Just place them in the jar before the wax melts!


🌟 STEP 7: Let the candles cool down completely without removing the tape (if you used any) so the wick stays in place while it cools.

TIP: The wick absorbs wax while it cools down, so you may notice a hole around the wick (I personally don’t mind it). To prevent this, you can pre-soak the wick in wax before pinning it on the bottom of the jar in Step 4 or just add a little extra wax after they’re cooled!

🌟 STEP 8: Once your candles are firm and cool, cut the wick about 1 inch in height.

DIY Candles 9

And voilà! You’ve got new delicious decorative candles!


One last bit of personal advice is to do this DIY is done using leftover decorative candle wax only. Whenever we use intention or ceremonial candles, once burnt, they should be discarded and not reused because of the energetic imprint and meaning they have. You don’t want anything to muddy your intentions, right?


I hope you enjoy making candles as much as I do. I’m a sucker for them. There’s nothing like going into a room and feeling how much the vibration rises when candles are lit. Let me know how yours turn out!

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