Help Is Here – May 27th 2020

The midweek daily message is here and I feel this is a very important one.

Today’s card brings a clear reminder that we don’t have to have everything figured out all the time, we don’t have to go through things alone and that we CAN let ourselves receive help.

Hey, I’m the first person that has the tendency to want to do this myself, because most of the time, I can. However, one of my life lessons is to open up to others, we don’t really NEED to do everything ourselves. We can trust others with tasks, with our hearts, with our ideas, with ourselves and our lives. Opening up takes courage and humility.

It’s ok to be taken care of too. This message is about finding balance; you can still be resourcefull, independent and autonomous yet still allow others into your life in different ways.

It’s ok to say you’re not okay, it’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to admit that you don’t have all the answers, it’s ok to need help to solve certain problems. We, as humans, need each other, we are not designed to exist on this plane as solitary beings. The collective feeds and nurtures us too, our nature is fed when we truly have a sense of community, even if it’s sporadic.

Allowing others to help, whether it be in work, at home, emotionally or physically does NOT make us weaker. It makes us aware of our own limitations and needs, so we can create healthier dynamics for ourselves. The balance is found in giving but allowing ourselves to receive too.

Ask yourself in what end of the spectrum you’ve been in recently, and try to find that middle ground. If you’ve been giving and giving and giving, allow yourself to be taken care of, tended to even if it’s not physically. If you’ve been on the receiving end, you can do something to fill up other people’s cups too.

This card also brings our awareness to the help we get from spirit guides or ancestors, all the time. But they are especially present at this time. If you need extra courage or srength, clarity or just a little extra motivation just ask them. They will always be happy to help us through our path.



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