Healing Shadows – August 29th 2018

Today’s draw being KEY words for us all to work with; guidance, renewal and healing.

In our spiritual practice we are accustomed to finding guidance in the atrás, Planets, cards, pendulums and much more but I feel the energy shifts and portals that have been appearing are also opening up portals within ourselves, to find that guidance within, to listen closely to that inner voice, the wisdom we already hold within and must be remembered.

Remembering and connecting to that higher self allows us to be in a constant flow of renewal and surrender. Change is a constant presence in our human life.

Healing is not just about stepping into your light and staying in the light while repressing what’s in the shadows, sacrificing parts of yourself. Bringing light into the shadows is what allows mindfulness and healing to occur. There is no light without darkness. It’s a symbiotic relationship that’s about balance and the harmony between the two.

Virgo’s presence in today’s daily reading, I feel, asks us to take action on the guidance we have been gifted (and continue to be given) as a means to renew ourselves through healing. Healing the broken, fracture, denied or fogotten parts of ourselves to improve our life.

How are you hindering your own process and what can you do to overcome that chsllenge? Where are you being honesto and where are you stuffing things back to repress or ignore them?

Allow yourself to heal, even if it’s uncomfortable painful or overwhelming. Allow this to be the gateway through which this renewal comes from. You are a healer and have the power within yourself to grow from anything.

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