Hands Tied – April 18th

There’s a lot to do this week for you, I’m sure. But today you might be feeling hesitation, fear, or doubt. 

When things don’t go exactly as planned, sometimes we start questioning almost immediately if we made the right choice, if we’re on the right path, or even it’s even worth it at all. However, these feelings can become paralyzing. 

Today’s reminder is about pushing through the fear and removing any sort of self-restraints that hinder forward movement. The circumstance on the outside might not be as obscure as you think it is. 

When the 8 of Swords comes up, it’s usually a very good indicator that we are what stands in our way. We are the ones that are afraid to expand those wings and fly to new, undiscovered heights.

So, if you’re feeling restricted, limited, or stuck today, take a moment and observe the situation. Are you the one that’s freaking out when nothing is worthy of that mindset? If you shift your perspective, does it change the possible paths?

This card in particular, asks strongly that you figure out where those limitations come from. Even though a situation can be difficult, when we believe the worst or don’t realize the power we have, it feels impossible. You do have power to change things for yourself, you can refuse to let life happen to you and make life happen for you.

Try not to overthink today, don’t create mental scenarios that are unnecessarily negative, and try not to fall into a “woe is me” funk. Even if it’s a tough situation, there’s a way through it, and it won’t cost you everything.

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