Grounded Vision – February 13th 2018

Buffalo energy is a quite nice energy to have around. Steady, kind and focused.

This is a reminder to have your feet steady and grounded in the earth, trusting the path you’re currently on, knowing it’s the right one. Any obstacles you might face, you can see them as growth opportunities and uplifting circumstances.
Your heart and mind might be up there, connected to higher wisdom and power. This is good. You’re seeking what resonates for you, you’re also getting clear messages and ideas for where to have your grounded feet take you to.

Your eyes are objectively focused on the path ahead, you’re coming not from a place of fear and anxiety, but from a place of understanding and trust. You have the strength and will to push forward.

Today’s energy is a reminder that in order to go forward in your journey, all of these have to be aligned. Your heart and mind creating the path which your feet will walk down, and your eyes wide open, with a clear view of that path.

Life is a gift, with its ups and downs, every breath we take in this world is a treasure. Finding bliss and beauty in this, will make those hardships a little less overwhelming.

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