Gratitude Expansion – April 15th

Gratitude is one of the most powerful frequencies and emotions we hold within us.  If you know a little about vibrational frequency, you know that when we feel gratitude, we’re experiencing 540MHz. This is a high vibrational state that becomes a key to unlocking magic. Not magic in the sense that we get a physical magic wand to wave around whenever we choose to change outside situations. But, the kind of magic that allows our perception to create our reality. 

When we’re surrounded by fear, dread, anger and confusion, our perspective or perception is different than, say, when we acknowledge blessings, opportunities and gifts around us. We always have a bit of both going on in our daily lives; things we want and things we don’t want. Where your focus goes, energy follows. 

How we choose to react to every single thing that we’re faced with in life determines our level of stress, peace, and manifesting powers. By focusing on acknowledging and appreciating what we have, we shift our perception to one that’s more vulnerable, flexible and open. 

Being grateful is not to deny that there are things that could be improved, worked on, or that didn’t work out at all. It doesn’t necessarily mean we should only be thankful and ignore anything else we might be feeling, especially when it’s paired with a loss. What it really means is to find a silver lining, to find the gem hidden in the rocks. 

In the daily hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to say “thank you.” Whether it be to the Universe, our loved ones, colleagues, strangers, etc. We don’t say/feel it enough.

Find those things that you’re grateful for, say it out loud… express it! There are always countless things we can be thankful for, even if it’s not exactly the way we pictured it.

Make a list: What blessings or gift have you received this month so far? 

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