Gentleness – July 10th 2020

Today’s message is urging us to show a more gentle side of ourselves. Not everything has to be hard or harsh. There is beauty and kindness in being gentle, whether it be with ourselves or with others.

If you’re feeling triggered at all today, remind yourself to handle in with a gentle reaction. Remember that energies around us at this time can make us a little extra volatile or explosive, so this is reminding us to breathe and be mindful of our reactions and communication. Be compassionate. Think before speaking. Think before reactiing. You may have the best intentions at heart, but if what you’re saying is coming out harshly, it’s less likely to be truly heard. Remember that sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. If you’re able to be gentle and kind to others today but are feeling a little frustrated with yourself, be patient.

Sometimes we can be quite hard on ourselves and set so many goals and expectations that we may become frustrated or aggravated if we don’t attain those goals in the set timelines. This may be a reminder to be gentle with yourself, to push only as hard as you still can have your energy not feel depleted or your body feeling burnt out. Pace yourself, if you have a lot to do, try to prioritize and organize your to do lists. And if at the end of the day there’s still not enough time or energy, cut yourself some slack and know that there’s always tomorrow to complete any tasks that might have been incomplete.

This card can also signify, for some, that you could allow others to be gentle with you, to accept help and allow yourself to be taken of too. Softening up is not a sign of weakness, but humanity.

Let your true divine nature reign today.



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