Gaia Calls – May 30th 2020

We are almost closing out the week and what a week it has been huh?

I feel like today’s message encompasses a little of all the previous ones and expands them into one single feel. I wanted to share first, a little excerpt of the booklet because I feel it holds such power.

“Don’t hold back from what is happening. Things need to change, so let them change. It may seem chaotic or overwhelming, now. However, when you realize that you don’t need to figure it all out, you will relax, allowing the  wisdom of what’s happening at a deeper level to unfold. Trust that your inner resources are enough and will grow to meet your needs for soul expression in the world. You may sometimes feel like you are juggling too many projects with too few arms. The Divine Mother can help you if you trust her to keep an eye on things and guide the process for you. This oracle indicates that peace and harmony will eventually triumph over conflict and challenge, bringing about a new way of being.”

I strongly feel that this card is reminding us that we are always supported, even in dark times where we may not feel it. Gaia supports  our entire life on this planet, both energetically and physically. The additional message I feel like sharing from this card is to remember that this is so.

Our connection to Gaia must be strengthened for us to find balance both internally and externally. She is love, she is nurturing and healing. We need to not just be thankful for that but contribute to her wellbeing as well. Be more mindful of the connection we have with her AND her resources, all the creatures that she holds space for including ourselves, we must treasure and keep her.

We are where we need to be at this moment, and trusting that will bring more peace to our days.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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