Full Moon Draw – April 16th

Anyone else strongly feeling the presence of this Full Moon? Hope it’s not just me…

This one can be a hard lesson to manage: Surrendering and letting go. 

The 8 of Water and 8 of Cups in traditional RW, can be a somewhat hard energy to process because it does have a feeling of loss or sense of leaving something behind. That’s never easy to process. However, this kind of loss can absolutely turn into a gain later on. 

Today’s message is about making space. How can we invite new things and experiences into our lives if our lives are filled with clutter? Whether it be emotional, mental or physical clutter, there needs to be some sort of purge before we can truly open up to new experiences. 

Since we are talking about a card from the Cups suit, this means it could very well be on an emotional level, which brings me to my next question: What emotions should you be leaving behind so that you can move forward to bigger and better things? Is there something you’ve recognized in yourself that holds you back? Maybe there’s something you thought would work but were disappointed by the results you saw?

This is a good time to assess what you can take with you and what needs to be purged, moving forward. Sometimes the Universe asks us to surrender to change and to the constant ebb and flow we live through. As I’ve said before, everything in life has cycles. What once worked wonders for us may be something that holds us back if we hold on for too long.

If you’ve noticed that there’s a longing for something more, something greater meant for you or if you already have confirmed that something isn’t benefiting you, this is the card that tells you it’s time to leave those things behind and pursue a path that means more fulfilment and joy for you. 

It’s time to sit with yourself and observe if there’s anything you’ve been trying to avoid, that you really need to come to terms with to be able to move past it. Sometimes the only way out is through. A major emotional breakthrough could be visible in your life as you allow yourself to leave something behind. 

Another reminder that comes through this card is to be very mindful of expectations. We set our expectations in a fixed way, sometimes. When those expectations are not met, we feel a sense of failure and certain disappointment. But what happens if we set those expectations but still leave room for surprises? What if we set our intention but surrender the how to the Universe? For some of you, this Full Moon will be leaving some of those previously fixed expectations behind.

There’s a lot of energy with this event. If you’re going through a rough time, know it’s not permanent and it’s just a part of a cycle. Nothing is permanent. If this energy is working for you, enjoy and be grateful for the blessings it brings into your life. 

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