Fulfillment – October 4th 2017

It looks like some shifts of thought broke through since yesterday’s energy blocks, right? Notice how you’re feeling today?

The Nine of Cups is complete fulfillment. Perhaps you managed to change your perspective on something that was bothering you for the past few days. Maybe you were even spiralling down a self imposed oppression or perhaps the external factors just got a bit too overwheling. Whatever the energy was, feel it lifted off today.

Today’s energy brings that sense of contentment. Be happy and proud of all that you’ve been through, look at how far you’ve come and all that you have in your life. You’ve worked hard and totally deserve this nice, refreshing and prosperous energy around. Bask in it!

It may seem small, but do something today to enjoy yourself and/or the company of others. Have a nice meal, a glass of wine, draw a bubble bath, infinite possibilities. Whatever makes YOU feel strength and joy… do that and have a wonderful day.

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