Friend Medicine – Self-care Message of the Week

This week we might need a little support system and some time to blow off steam, maybe catch up with friends we haven’t talked to in a while or just spend time with friends or loved ones to recharge and renew.

This is the card that came up for this week’s Self-care message.

I know one of the hardest things about 2020 has been the limited time or quality time we’ve been able to spend with friends or loved ones who don’t live with us. However, there are still ways we can stay connected and support each other through tough or turbulent times even if there are still limitations or restrictions. There are different approaches se can take on being there for people and allowing others to be there for us.

This year has had us focusing a lot on ourselves, going inward and doing much needed internal work, but that doesn’t mean that our social being has to stay completely isolated as we are still social beings who need interaction and care.

So this week, reach out. Have some fun talks or do some fun activities with friends if you can. It might lift off some of the density that we may still be carrying from the year and its processes.

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