Flow – July 26th 2020

A little message from the Self-care Oracle for the upcoming week.

Water is a very important element in our life, from the blood running through our veins, to the rivers and oceans that run through Mother Earth. This element is vital and carries many many lessons in itself.

Connecting with water is one of the absolute, most spiritual things in my own life. Once I come in contact with water whether it be a bath, the sea, a pool or a lake. I feel instantly connected to the cosmic waters that birth life.

Water can be relaxing, yet forceful. It can be soft and smooth or it can torrent and sting. I’ve always found this to be such a powerful element.

Water is also a very strong energy conduit and it helps us tap into higher consciousness.

Conbect with this powerful element this week, it doesn’t matter how you choose yo do so; you can charge your drinking water with crystals, go to a River or a creek, do a shower or bath ritual, swim in the ocean (for those who can). Just allow the energy of this element fully embrace you.

Let’s flow like water this week!

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