Firestarter – April 14th

Sparks are flying, and something is being ignited. Now, that sounds ominous but it’s actually a good thing. 

The Ace of Wands is about good news and the start of something. Since this is a collective reading; how this energy materializes in your lives can vary from person to person. However it does give us an idea of the energetic current we can dive into to make the best of it. 

It’s the birth of a new creative idea that will take you on new adventures and show you things that you may not have discovered yet about yourself. It’s taking action on something you’re being called to, feeling confident to take that first step. It’s a great day to be fierce and get after it! There’s a reason and a purpose for what you’re currently feeling. Lean into it and be daring enough to follow through. A heart filled with passion and purpose is a great compass.

The energy available allows you to be more open to accepting challenges, feeling confident enough to get a jump start on something that may intimidate you. It gives you an enthusiastic, hopeful feeling that good things are arriving soon. Think of this energy and card as untapped potential; a seed that will require action, attention, and consistency to bloom.

Today, there will be opportunities for growth and expansion, make the most of it!

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