Fine Tuning – July 25th 2018

Mercury retrograde is almost upon us and today’s message asks all of us to refine, review, restructure, rethink.

With the Moon in Capricorn, today is a very good day to tie up loose ends, finish any planning or scheduling, polish certain projects and finish those to do lists. As the Full Moon approaches, 5 Planets in retrograde and smack in Eclipse Season, things might get a little more intense. So, be diligent and get shit done.
To avoid being thrown off your game, you have to prioritize and prepare. Don’t overload yourself with too much, if you have too much on your plate, your focus will be scattered and all over the place. Think of what you want and work towards it. Think of the little details and actions that you’ll have to take to get you there. Leave what you must and take what you need.

All of these influences may hit each and every one of us differently but we all can handle it if we stay grounded, conscious and balanced

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