Fill Your Heart – December 8th 2017

8. The Vision Quest Tarot

Ahhh, today’s energy is not quite as serious as yesterday’s was. Today you may find yourself surrounded with loved ones, friends, family or like minded spirits and this will feel like a much needed energetic break.

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit appearing and you’re already planning all the fun holiday activities or you’ll be out and about getting your shopping done. Whatever it is, you’ll find yourself feeling a sense of joy and community that will nurture your soul and remind you that we are never really ever alone.

Today’s energy is all about celebration. A celebration of you, your process, your life, the holidays, having love around you and reasons to smile.

Open yourself up to good times and a warm fuzzy feeling that this time of the year sparks within.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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