Facing Fears – March 31st

Ahhhh fear. The havoc it wreaks in our worlds. On some days I wish I could say “I wish fear didn’t exist”, but then I remember that it’s a very important emotion in our evolutionary processes as human beings. In these moments, I become swamped with examples of how fear transformed something uncomfortable or scary into something beautiful in my life… then I don’t feel the need to wish fear out of existence anymore!

When this happens, I tend to ask myself “What opportunity does this fear have behind it?” Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint, other times we don’t find out for a really, really long time. Hell, in some cases, we may not find out until we’re far older and wiser. 

We deal with fear on a daily basis, on different levels and in various circumstances. And, spoiler alert: Fear never goes away (At least I don’t believe so), but we can learn to use it for our personal growth and evolution. One of the phrases in the booklet for this card is what stands out the most for me for today’s reading:

“Courage is not possible without fear”

If you take a moment and think about this, you’ll notice that any time you’ve done something courageous, you’ve felt nervous or were scared beforehand, on some level. Think of bungee jumping. There is always some level of fear or nervousness but when you decide to muster up some courage to take that leap, it becomes something much bigger than you expected. 

Life, a lot of times, requires constant leaps of faith. Us stepping into something unknown will always feel somewhat unsettling. We humans don’t do so well when we feel completely out of control in situations and we panic and try to tighten our grasp to keep some sort of familiarity. However, when we relinquish absolute control, we can tune into the subtle nudges and directions of the Universe.

It’s ok to be afraid of something, it’s natural. What we do with that fear is what makes a huge difference in the world, and in our lives. I always love to share this example; Can you imagine a baby consciously thinking “I’m not even going to try to walk because it means I have to fall down a bunch of times and hurt myself before I’m able to properly walk”. Sounds wild, right? Yet, as adults, we do that more than we’d like to admit. 

We stop ourselves from doing things that call to us, chasing dreams, going to jobs, talking to someone we’re interested in. Why? All because of the fear of “What If?”. Even though it’s a fair question, why must we assume the “What If?” brings things that we don’t want. 

How about we turn that “What If?” into “What if I hit it off with that person?”, “What if I’m offered an even better position?” and so on. Let’s flip it. 

That baseline fear will never truly go away, but you can charge ahead by not letting it take the wheel. Your life, your wheel. What do YOU want to have courage to do today?

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