Entanglement – February 24th to March 1st


We are in the last week of February and I cannot believe how fast this month has come and gone for me. I know for some it may have felt quite long, but hang in there!

Before I get to what energy will be surrounding this week, I would like to say that the cards I draw, are the cards I post. I don’t feel like feeding any “only good stuff” trends because I know how important the challenging energies are too. So, that being said, this week’s energy might be a little dense for some. However, don’t panic. We can all breathe through it.

This week I was promted to select 2 cards and well, I did. I felt a very clear message coming through the 8 of swords and The Moon card. If you look at the cards individually and exclusively, they can be a little intimidating but if you look at the context in which we are currently in; Mercury Retrograde and the Pisces New Moon that just passed, we can begin to understand these two cards and how they play out in a bigger picture. Both cards have a strong water element energy pouring through, so this might be felt more on an emotional level.

The energy this week may be showing us what our restrictions are or what we are choosing NOT to see. Is there an area or a relationship that we feel restricted by? I have a very strong feeling that what we are choosing not to see is the exact thing that can set us free. At some point, we may be experiencing circumstances that have us feeling “boxed in” as if we have nowhere else to turn. But there is ALWAYS somewhere to turn and in this case, I would suggest going inward and doing some serious reflection on why and how we got to that point.

There’s a lot of thoughts going around, a lot of ideas and notions (swords) but I do feel these energies are pulling us to connect with our emotions and see how our thoughts affect the emotional body. How does our body respond to our emotional state?

Some may even be feeling victimized and seeing things as out of control, void of course or just scattered, confused… in a sort of fog. That’s ok, this isn’t a permanent state. It just means that it may not be the best time to go charging at full force towards what we want, unless we are feeling confident, sure and are clear it is in fact what we want. I emphasize on this point because we may not be seeing things clearly at this moment.

A lot of piscean energy is still surrounding us, so this means we can doze off into fantasy land, which is ok to find our inspiration and creativity, just be aware you don’t lose your footing and end up adrift, following thoughts and emotions that limit you in any way.

This week, more than any other I’ve felt, is when it’s time to be honest with ourselves, no more trying to distract, avoid or bulls*** ourselves. It’s time to get real. Let’s face what we have to face about ourselves. Have you noticed that we usually are the ones that paralyze our own damn selves because of thoughts we may have? Fear can do that, insecurity can do that. I’m not at all saying you should ignore those thoughts, but just observe them, let them pass. Use your intuition and let your higher self lead the way. Be careful of what stories you are telling yourself and really ask yourself if this is part of an old narrative or if this is actually aligned with who you truly are. Try to stay as grounded as possible during this fog.

I’ll be posting a video on my IGTV later on.

Have patience, you’ve got this!



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