Emerging – April 17th

The theme of the ebb and flow continues as the presence of the Full Moon is still strong. With so much light shining into our subconscious and those deep dark, shadowy places within us… things are bound to surface like high tides bringing objects with it, back to the shore. Some of those things we may be familiar with, others might be completely unknown to us. Remember you don’t have to figure everything out off the bat. You can give yourself time to feel and think things out. 

You may be dealing with these shored emotions that were rustled with the recent energies, but keep in mind that it’s a part of a bigger cycle. Some things come to the forefront so they can be dealt with, some things go to the unseen part and retreat to the deep for a while before they return. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. 

What are some of the cycles you have observed in your life? Do you see any patterns within them? How does the moon affect these cycles? Identifying patterns is one of the most effective ways to gain self-knowledge and awareness. Let’s say you have a pattern of going full throttle when starting something but quickly burn out, spend a lot of time recuperating then go back to full throttle. By now you know that that may not be the most sustainable dynamic, and what you need is a balance. 

That’s another of the many teachings of the moon. She is never fully dark, never fully light. She has a poetic, elegant dance from one to the other. Its energy is evolutionary, progressive and constant. If you can see yourself in this energy, why would you expect to go from dark to light in a second. Give yourself time to step into something, and allow it to take shape. The moon’s energy is about subtlety, not forcefulness.

As an additional message for all of the menstrual beings out there, the moon has a big impact and significance in our cycle as it’s mirrored in our own phases. So, keep a close eye on how you feel, think, act, and behave in different phases so you can find those patterns and not only understand them but be prepared for them. 

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