Emerge – August 13th 2018

Ahhh. I am personally feeling quite inspired by today’s message!

I’m sure you’ve all heard that this is transformation period from so many platforms and people by now, but it’s because it’s so true!

How have you been feeling after the New Moon? I have been super pumped and energized. No, I don’t have a highly detailed plan as to where I’m headed to next but I’m trying to focus on the destination and leave the how to get there to the Universe!

Your soul is going through this fabulous transmutation of energy. This doesn’t always mean it will be comfortable and all smiles. We grow and grow until we feel uncomfortable in that cocoon. We start to feel like something is no longer working for us, something just doesn’t feel right. The cocoon is meant to protect us in a certain way but it’s not meant to keep us in there forever. However, the choice Is ours.

We can choose to stay in that uncomfortable place, tolerating it, crippling ourselves in order to fit better or acknowledge that it is time to push through that threshold and emerge, free and wild.

The Universe is helping us to come back to ourselves so we can find that infinite power within. The strength to see ourselves in a new light, a light that’s our very own.

This is also a reminder that we must fly off into new horizons, to avoid the temptation of wanting to go back into that cocoon. Even if you managed to climb in there again, it will never be the same because you are no longer the same as you were before this beautiful transformation.

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